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LBUT2#randomtimetablemonday – London Bus and Underground Timetables


Second Edition, 1873 – 2016

First of all, the formalities – before I had a chance to buy a copy of this book, I was sent a complimentary copy. This is not a sponsored blog.

Now… this is the second edition of a book that grows and grows. It includes all of our timetables from the start until April 2016.

The book brings back memories of working and living in London from 1999-2002ish, and also more recent books from the areas I often travel to now. The book isn’t just London, but includes full coverage of the adjacent counties and boroughs too.

There’s just about everything here – from other independent and enthusiast groups, old style LT/LCBS monthly Local Bus and Rail Timetables, to the 1873 Metropolitan Railway timetable – the earliest in this book I can find.

The book is certainly useful for me trying to play catch-up afterwards, as well as being able to look back through everything.

But, that’s still not enough for former TLB publicity columnist John Bull, as he’s already planning a further update to the second edition!


Find out more about the Omnibus Society’s London Historical Research Group (who published this book) via this link.


The book is illustrated and stretches to 130 A4 pages. Cost is £10.00 plus £2.00 P&P when bought form the LHRG (see below), or ask your local bookshop to find ISBN: 978 1 909091 14 6.


Orders by post should be addressed to: LHRG Distribution Officer, Curry Farm, Halstead Lane, Knockholt, Sevenoaks TN14 7EP.

Cheques payable to “Omnibus Society (LHR Group)” please.  Overseas postage extra, please enquire via lhrg@hotmail.co.uk.

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