Essex Beta timetable version 5  0

Notes 17th April:

Okay, after posting  last night I went through the guide vs. my paper copy, and found a few glitches that you may want to note;


ACME Services 7/7A – the company timetable includes one extra journey that wasn’t in the HCC/Intalink one. Download via .


Arriva Harlow Services 5/6/6A, 8/8A and 10 omitted –find on or via the left-hand number links.

Single 8A can be deleted, as this is now part of Service 8.


First Essex 24A/24D – Service 24D was incorrectly shown online a few months back, instead of 24, which is what the timetable leaflet shows. This has been fixed, and a new tt can be had via .


EnsignBus 33 – fixed dates (as only one direction changed in January) so they are not contradictory.


Stephensons 38 – new timetable finally added with evening changes – and download via the right-hand menu.




Further to my previous beta posts and the recent update, an updated edition of the composite timetable file – beta version 5.0 – has been uploaded today. This includes adding a couple of missing services (Fords 3 & 6, Arriva Harlow 8A, Danbury Flyer), new editions of timetables (Stephenson’s 38/38A, 90, National Express A6-A9) adding scanned editions of most of he Arriva Harlow services, and adding company versions of many of the Trustybus services too, along with some previously omitted services.


Beta v5 Buses & Index to Services


Beta v5 Ferry and Rail (added scanned copies of Harwich Ferry leaflet)


Beta v5 Index to Services (ONLY)


Please note – if you have bookmarked the older one, you may wish to refresh to make sure you have the current book. I have tried to make the files same as the original versions. The older ones can be found at


A few points to note;

Service 59 is a different route on Sundays from the rest of the week – news to me when I picked that up on the new timetable leaflet. Anyone know either way? The Essex map is identical for both.

Service 410 is now serving Canada Fields, although nothing on Traveline, was by yesterday. The 242-249 series (formerly C1/C2) were recently withdrawn, so I assume this is a replacement of sorts?

Services CCT1, CCT2, CCT3, Chelmsford CT are not in the book. I did notice one  yesterday showing up on RTPI, even though the service is entirely DRT, and was supposed to be dropped. Shall ask.

Service LCB1 is doing a loop of Harlow Bus Station and Bush Fair, and the times seem to vary from the timetable added. Please note the health warning! Shall ask.


This will be the last Beta for now, but will make minor updates as and when. The future edition shall next be in the Summer, with our new loose-leaf timetable books.

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