Essex Timetables from w/c 10th April 2016 for free download  0

I have now compiled a “beta” version of all the Essex timetables. This is a timetable book, with a list of services. This is downloadable via the following link;


Intro, list of changes, index of services, and bus/coach times almost 54mb;



Corrections and observations;

Service HSB01 wasn’t included in the Index to Services – should show as being see under 347.

Service 5 First changes omitted. The new timetable, along  with the updated edition for Service 8, can be found at

Service 10 Arriva Harlow – the timetable is correct with every 20 minutes (currently 15). Arriva leaflet of changes is presumably a typo showing 30 minutes.


Ferry, Train services (also includes

London Bus Company 339/381 as these form part of the Epping Ongar Railway brochure) almost 10mb;


This book comes to you free of charge. Our future editions will start in the Summer, and you can subscribe to get either an A5 or A4 loose leaf binder, or an e-Book. You then either get an emailed/downloaded update each month, or paper copies direct to your door. (HarlowBuses online will always be free of charge, the full version will be charged). We are looking at more Pocket Guides for Essex too.


If you like what you see, you may well be interested in our full timetable range. Go to to sign up for our regular eNewsletter, which also includes some transport eNews, special offers, and much more!

Please note that there are some things I didn’t edit for the sake of time getting this ready; First “until” dates, and making sure every page has an operator name. This will be resolved before printing.


I have entered all the April changes as 10th, when most start from the 11th or later. This was for speed of entry more than anything.


I am aware the early 2016 was not a “universal” date for First Essex changes, but it just fills a gap for now. A few more booklets old and new will be looked through to give me a better idea, in time for the printed copy. The Index to Places Served, ticketing and contacts etc. will be fully in the finished copy.


Finally, as with all we do… I’d love to hear of any errors, feedback, omissions or errors.



Suzy x



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