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North London & Essex Transport Events 2017  0

North London & Essex Transport Events 2017


The following events are scheduled for the coming year:


SATURDAY 11th FEBRUARY – ENFIELD TRANSPORT BAZAAR, St. PAUL’S CENTRE, 102, CHURCH STREET, ENFIELD EN2 6AR. Junction of Church Street, Chase Side and Windmill Hill in the heart of Enfield Town, just two minutes’ walk from Enfield Chase Station (Great Northern Hertford North line) or ten minutes from Enfield Town Station (London Overground). All buses serving Enfield Town stop within five minutes’ walk. Features up to forty stalls selling all kinds of transport books, photo’s, DVD’s, maps, timetables, tickets and other memorabilia. Bazaar open 11.00-14.30. Admission £3 (acc. children free).   


SATURDAY 8th APRIL – ENFIELD TRANSPORT BAZAAR. Details as February event (above).


SATURDAY 6th MAY and SATURDAY 14th OCTOBER: THEYDON BOIS TRANSPORT BAZAAR & VINTAGE BUS DISPLAYS, THEYDON BOIS VILLAGE HALL, COPPICE ROW, ESSEX CM16 7ER. Five minutes’ level walk from Theydon Bois Central Line Station, (LU Zone 6) Up to forty stalls selling all kinds of bus and railway memorabilia, books, photo’s, maps, timetables, etc. Approx. 20 vintage buses on display, some giving free rides around Epping Forest, subject to vehicle and crew availability. Open 11.00-15.30. Admission £3 (acc. children free). Refreshments available. No public car parking.


SUNDAY 2nd JULY – UNCOMPLETED NORTHERN LINE EXTENSIONS WALK & STUDY TOUR. A look at the former G.N.R./L.N.E.R. branch line between Finsbury Park, Highgate and Alexandra Palace which should have become part of the Underground’s Northern Line in 1940. Advance booking essential for this fascinating and unusual tour. Come and see how much work was wasted, and what could STILL be done today! Our book “Northern Wastes” will be on sale, too! Please contact addresses below.


SATURDAY 9th SEPTEMBER – CHINGFORD, ROYAL FOREST HOTEL: Display of 1940s-1960s London buses re-creating the famous bus terminus in Rangers Road, Chingford E4 7QH, closed in September 1968 as a result of London Transport’s “Reshaping Programme”. With free rides on vintage buses around Epping Forest and bookstall selling special souvenir booklet, as well as other books and photographs of historic buses and railways. Approx. 5 mins walk from Chingford bus and railway stations. London bus route 397 stops nearby. Open 10.30 – 17.00.




The Theydon Bois event will be repeated on 5th May and 13th October 2018.


Further details of events, please send SSAE to:  NLETE, 8, The Rowans, Palmers Green, N13 5AD

Or e-mail:






TfL Tendering Programme Update, 26th August 2016  0

Tendering Programme Update


26th August 2016


The following routes have had a two-year extension agreed under the terms of the Quality Incentive Contract and thus will no longer form part of the Tendering Programme for 2017/18:


27/N27, 52/N52, 81, 128/N128, 208, 267, 271/N271.


The Tendering Programme is therefore revised as follows:


Tranche Routes
568 120.
569 143, 260, 302.
570 Tranche cancelled.
571 969, R68, R70.
572 70, C1.
573 465.
574 17, 186, 382, 384, C11, W8.
575 613, 662, 665, 671, 691, 965.
576 5, 15/N15, 66, 115.
577 605, 628/688, 632, 653/683.
578 131, 411/641.
579 636/637/638, 664.
580 4, 210, 243/N243, W7/NW7.
581 320.
582 50, 130, 194, 250/N250, 255, 280, 314, 410.
583 90, 222.
584 289, 621.
585 103, 175, 257, 370.
586 341/N341.
587 150, 150D.
588 22/N22, 33/N33, 94, 220/N220, 419.
589 18/N18, 24/N24
590 45, 176/N176, 188/N188.
591 88/N88, 118, 170, 355, 470.
592 6/N6, 98/N98.

#RANDOMTIMETABLEMONDAY – Where Are They Now? Metrobus Bus Times, Great Western Railway Network Guide, and Rail Times by Middleton Press  0


Metrobus Bus Times, Great Western Railway Network Guide, and Rail Times by Middleton Press



Metrobus Bus Times – 23rd April 2016 Edition



This booklet has continued to flourish, despite many backstage changes with the company, and it’s grouping being split – outside London now managed with Brighton & Hove Buses, while inside London becomes part of Go Ahead London. This redefining of the management structure has resulted in changes in many ways, as well as the book itself.  The map was one of the first to be changed, with the new look encompassing thinner lines used for the Network Map. Some B&H Bus services are also included.


However the content is still all there, and all as was. A comprehensive Index, list of ticketing pages over a full ten pages (now including Key, mTickets and the like – but no mention of the Southern Rail-controlled PAYG KeyGo card), two pages of attractions listed, town maps including “where to board your bus”, one summary timetable, and full traditional timetables for the Metrobus outside London network (except TfL services, which as stated above, come under Go Ahead London). The best bit about it is the use of blank space to mention things – everything from service changes to places to visit, free WiFi and ticket deals, or photos of attractions reached on the service. I do detest blank pages and generally wasted space across timetables of all sizes and sorts, and this is a good way to get round it. The book itself is 132 pages of A5 information, using every inch productively.


Last time I was out this way, copies could be had from Redhill and Reigate Bus Stations, as well as some information carousels in certain railway stations. Or ask the company


Great Western Railway (GWR) Network Guide – Winter 2015/Summer 2016 Editions




The timetable book has already become invaluable for just about anything you need to know about rail and travel in the West of England.


Following last Summer’s timetable that had been issued until the Autumn, a Supplement was promised. However they went one better, doing an entire new book in the new company branding.


The book has a lot of useful information – everything from histories of named trains to a list of major events, details of engineering work to a fold-out diagrammatic network map, and a calendar showing bank holidays. Seating plans are included, as are notes on things like station ticket office opening hours (long removed from the GTR network!). Details of heritage railways are included too, as are a table of bus-rail connections.


Some time back, I did email GWR with a few suggestions, not long before the person who did these got a new job elsewhere in the company. My suggestions were practical – asking for the covers to be laminated for one. That might seem like a minor point, but remember how heavily we wore out the Summer 2014 edition – that was just in the planning!!!!


I also mentioned it would be nice if the pocket Quick Guide (Monday-Friday end-to-end summaries of services between key points, which were not on the website), as with the Summary timetables W1A, C1A and C3A (which show principal stations only). Come the Winter 2015 edition, all these things were included, making the book even more useful! The different days and week sections were flashed on the outer page edge. The Winter Edition came to 396 pages (pictured) that was worth a fiver in anyone’s money.


Now, the new Summer 2016 one is ready, and on sale. Unlike the pocket timetables issued by GWR (West 1 is already 104 printed pages!), this includes leaf fall and seasonal building related stuff in the Autumn, saving the need for a supplement or reissue. All the features I mentioned last time are still there – aside from the cover lamination. (Mine has already had some Magic Tape applied to it!) .


512 pages of information – a record so far? The summer ones are usually bigger anyway, but that’s something of note for sure. It’s still portable, and has found room for the Didcot Parkway – Oxford summary (all the quick cards are Mon-Fri) to expand to seven days a week. Why not the rest I’m not sure, but sure that might happen in time.  A couple of the CrossCountry trains only appear in the summaries (Reading-Oxford) thus missing the Banbury bit, but that is a minor grumble.


When added the Travelling With GWR guide (including the hours for off-peak), Ranger/Rover tickets, and the double-sided Network Map (which features a geographically accurate GWR route map one side, and a Network Rail network map on the other), it combines to create a somewhat of an almanac in rail out of Paddington, and as far out as across Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall, and into Wales.


I feel the book is the highest quality operator timetable in the UK, at this moment in time. You can buy them from main stations, or call 03457 000 125 to purchase one for £5 plus a postage surcharge of around £2.65.



Middleton Press Rail Times – Summer 2016 Edition – (major changes to format)




The Rail Times by Middleton Press was changed for Summer 2016. Following ongoing issues and errors with the data used, the decision was taken by Middleton Press to use the European Rail Timetable data (i.e. abbreviated) for main routes (fits the East Coast Main Line onto three pages, as an example). The book is now called “Britain’s Rail Times for Principal Stations on Main Lines and Rural Routes”. The book itself is less than 9mm thick, and now only £9.99. A separate all lines diagram is being prepared in time for the Winter edition.


The bit in bold italics is taken from my email to the publisher…


I liked the presentation, the matt art paper used, and the size. I like the fact you get Thameslink and the ECML on one page, even if I then have to look up another table for onward services to Dundee (the town where we both grew up!). I like the fact that it’s a nice design, and seems to have been thought out well.


However I was kind of hoping that the content and interior was to be an expanded version of the UK section of the ERT, perhaps expanded to cover a tiny bit of information for nine out of ten lines, at least.


The content itself is a bit patchy – while you can fit times for Ramsgate, Dover, Canterbury West, Dover, Ashford, Hastings, Eastbourne, Uckfield, East Grinstead, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Seaford branch, Brighton-Portsmouth, Brighton-Southampton, Reading and Windsor, all on a double page is very admirable, and I do like it. But I would expect something similar for the other side of the Thames? Hertford East and North branches do not appear. Welwyn Garden City (the world’s second garden city) and Hatfield (home of a university) don’t get a look in. None of the stopping trains to Cambridge are shown at all. There are two separate tables for London-Cambridge (aka Cambridge Express), and London-Kings Lynn. Now these could be merged into one – why? Well every second Cam/Ex train extends to Kings Lynn – and in a couple of years, all of them. See other notes re no mention of stoppers.


Don’t get me wrong, I have some very fond memories of Brighton – as it was coming down for an appointment there that was the time when I fell in love with the lady who is now my wife!  (Does one of the schedulers live down there?)


As a customer (rather than a compiler myself) any network guide is only going to be useful – or indeed bought again – if it includes the trains I use, or can use. I don’t expect the full old timetable again, that ship has sailed I understand. But even if you could so put some of those 6 or 8 to a page tables with end-to-end times and running times, I would be absolutely delighted. Watford is mentioned five times – WCML, West Coast, Sleepers, and West London Line – as opposed to anything local – which does seem to misbalance when you see the rest of Herts (and parts of Essex and Bucks) are much more sparse. As a result the table showing the once-an-hour East Croydon-MK through trains is perhaps of use if you’d add the full service on the West London Line (London Overground) services too, even if just in a micro end-to-end format with running times and trains.


Perhaps even a table or page to include the once-a-week workings and what I generally call dead mileage killers in the world of buses, but I believe generally get called Parliamentary Trains or those that exist to keep driver knowledge – like Paddington to Gerrards Cross, the one CrossCountry train that follows the outer branch of the Fife Circle? This would create a balance between visitors, train buffs, and those who wish to plan.


I understand, that in a European timetable, the amount of space for UK Times is limited. But for a UK wide timetable, you could work to a clean slate, and look to improve the range of content for the next one? Even if it meant adding “exclusive” extra pages? I would pay more for a comprehensive timetable, and even if it was only an inch or so each, it would be very welcome. I would be happy to help when it comes to picking out stations and the like.


Don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea, and want to support it. But, if I cannot use it for most of my journeys… do you get the drift?

I’d still be happy with a book up to thumbnail size with extra pages, and I would be happy to pay up to and including the “old” price.


Regarding the Introduction, could you look at reading the information you had before – like the train operator contact pages (which I found very useful in the old one), as well as things like Metro maps?


After that initial email, we had a telephone call with the publishers, and they’ve indicated they had to do something or nothing, in a short space of time. (Been there done that!). They are seeking to expand the coverage in time for the next issue from December 2016. Which is good to hear!

But a commendable start – and with a few more tables, will become even more useful!


And before you ask, no, I’ve no plans to do a traditional style NRT, other than perhaps to print the pages for routes as and when I need them. We do have most printed timetables from long distance TOCs and most in the Midlands and South, with a few expected in the next few days. If there are any train operator timetables from these parts that you cannot obtain, just let me know and I will see what we have in stock. (We get these for adding to the next wave of loose leaf timetables).

Essex Beta timetable version 5  0

Notes 17th April:

Okay, after posting  last night I went through the guide vs. my paper copy, and found a few glitches that you may want to note;


ACME Services 7/7A – the company timetable includes one extra journey that wasn’t in the HCC/Intalink one. Download via .


Arriva Harlow Services 5/6/6A, 8/8A and 10 omitted –find on or via the left-hand number links.

Single 8A can be deleted, as this is now part of Service 8.


First Essex 24A/24D – Service 24D was incorrectly shown online a few months back, instead of 24, which is what the timetable leaflet shows. This has been fixed, and a new tt can be had via .


EnsignBus 33 – fixed dates (as only one direction changed in January) so they are not contradictory.


Stephensons 38 – new timetable finally added with evening changes – and download via the right-hand menu.




Further to my previous beta posts and the recent update, an updated edition of the composite timetable file – beta version 5.0 – has been uploaded today. This includes adding a couple of missing services (Fords 3 & 6, Arriva Harlow 8A, Danbury Flyer), new editions of timetables (Stephenson’s 38/38A, 90, National Express A6-A9) adding scanned editions of most of he Arriva Harlow services, and adding company versions of many of the Trustybus services too, along with some previously omitted services.


Beta v5 Buses & Index to Services


Beta v5 Ferry and Rail (added scanned copies of Harwich Ferry leaflet)


Beta v5 Index to Services (ONLY)


Please note – if you have bookmarked the older one, you may wish to refresh to make sure you have the current book. I have tried to make the files same as the original versions. The older ones can be found at


A few points to note;

Service 59 is a different route on Sundays from the rest of the week – news to me when I picked that up on the new timetable leaflet. Anyone know either way? The Essex map is identical for both.

Service 410 is now serving Canada Fields, although nothing on Traveline, was by yesterday. The 242-249 series (formerly C1/C2) were recently withdrawn, so I assume this is a replacement of sorts?

Services CCT1, CCT2, CCT3, Chelmsford CT are not in the book. I did notice one  yesterday showing up on RTPI, even though the service is entirely DRT, and was supposed to be dropped. Shall ask.

Service LCB1 is doing a loop of Harlow Bus Station and Bush Fair, and the times seem to vary from the timetable added. Please note the health warning! Shall ask.


This will be the last Beta for now, but will make minor updates as and when. The future edition shall next be in the Summer, with our new loose-leaf timetable books.

Updates to beta Essex timetable book  0

Updates to beta Essex timetable book


Further to the timetable book beta that I shared previously for Essex, a few comments and corrections have been found and submitted.


Click here to download a composite of all the new loose-leaf pages with changes;
Click here to download the most recent Index to Services list;

For a printable black/white list of these updates (without hyperlinks), click here;


Thanks to Geoff Toon for finding most of these;


Service 4, Arriva Colchester
Company version of timetable now available, which differs from Traveline edition. The revised timetable can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 5, First Essex
New timetable omitted. The company timetable booklet, which includes Services 8/8A, can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 5/6, Stephensons of Essex
Updated timetable now added, with date corrected and early journey removed.


Services 8/8A, First Essex
New timetable now ready. The company timetable booklet, which includes Services 5, can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 11, Arriva Colchester
Company version of timetable now available, which differs from Traveline edition. The revised timetable can now be found as part of the download above.


SUMMER SERVICE 19 Clacton – St Osyth Beach, First Essex
Not currently in operation, but added to Index to Services


Service 19, Hedingham
New school service, replacing Service 275. This was omitted from the first book, but can now be found as part of the download above.


Services 50/50A and 92/92A/92B, Hedingham
Company timetable now available – 50A and 92B no longer used as route numbers. One 92 is also shown in the 85 timetable.

The revised timetable can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 50B, Hedingham
Company version of timetable now available, which differs from Traveline edition. The revised timetable can now be found as part of the download above, and this also includes the NIBS 50 on the reverse of the sheet. This means you can safely dispose of the complete double-sided sheet, without losing any information.


Service 68, First Essex
New Evening service to West Mersea, replacing 8E and 67B from Network Colchester. This was omitted from the first book, but can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 69/69A, Hedingham
New shopping service from West Mersea, partially replacing Service 175. This was omitted from the first book, but can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 79/79A, Hedingham
New shopping service from Tiptree, partially replacing Service 175. This was omitted from the first book, but can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 81/81A, Panther Travel
This service was omitted from the first book, but can now be found as part of the download above. This file also includes evening/Sunday Service 102 by First.


Service 82, Hedingham
Company version of timetable now available, which differs from Traveline edition. The revised timetable can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 83, Hedingham
Company version of timetable now available, which differs from Traveline edition. The revised timetable can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 84B, Hedingham
Company version of timetable now available, which differs from Traveline edition (actually terminating in Great Horkelsey). The revised timetable can now be found as part of the download above. This is a double-sided sheet, which incorporates service 85, which has also been reissued.


Service 85, Hedingham
Company version of timetable now available, which differs from Traveline edition. The revised timetable can now be found as part of the download above. This is a double-sided sheet, which incorporates Service 84B, which has also been reissued.


Service 88, Hedingham
Change and new timetable omitted in error (evening now operated by First). The company timetable can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 93/94 etc. Carters Coach Services
Change of route and timetable from 11th April omitted in error. The company timetable can now be found as part of the download above.


Service 103, Panther Travel
This service was renumbered 118, which is included in the timetable and Index above. The old version of the 103 can be removed from the timetable folder. A new edition of the sheet, which includes Service 104/106 from NIBS on the rear, can be found in the download above. Updated ITS can be found above.


Service 275, FirstGroup
This service was renumbered 19, which is included in the timetable and Index above. The sheet can be safely removed.


SUMMER SERVICE 745 Dedham Vale Hopper, Hadleigh CT
Not currently in operation, but added to Index to Services


Service 767, Stansted Citylink
New revised timetable from 29th March 2016. This was omitted from the first book, but can now be found as part of the download above.


Service HSB01, EFCT
Service omitted from the Index to Services. Can be found as part of the 347 timetable page. Updated ITS can be found above.


Ferry Service: Brightlingsea – Point Clear/East Mersea
Ferry Service: Burnham on Crouch – Wallasea Island
Services now added to the timetable. The current times are included in the above files.

Essex Timetables from w/c 10th April 2016 for free download  0

I have now compiled a “beta” version of all the Essex timetables. This is a timetable book, with a list of services. This is downloadable via the following link;


Intro, list of changes, index of services, and bus/coach times almost 54mb;



Corrections and observations;

Service HSB01 wasn’t included in the Index to Services – should show as being see under 347.

Service 5 First changes omitted. The new timetable, along  with the updated edition for Service 8, can be found at

Service 10 Arriva Harlow – the timetable is correct with every 20 minutes (currently 15). Arriva leaflet of changes is presumably a typo showing 30 minutes.


Ferry, Train services (also includes

London Bus Company 339/381 as these form part of the Epping Ongar Railway brochure) almost 10mb;


This book comes to you free of charge. Our future editions will start in the Summer, and you can subscribe to get either an A5 or A4 loose leaf binder, or an e-Book. You then either get an emailed/downloaded update each month, or paper copies direct to your door. (HarlowBuses online will always be free of charge, the full version will be charged). We are looking at more Pocket Guides for Essex too.


If you like what you see, you may well be interested in our full timetable range. Go to to sign up for our regular eNewsletter, which also includes some transport eNews, special offers, and much more!

Please note that there are some things I didn’t edit for the sake of time getting this ready; First “until” dates, and making sure every page has an operator name. This will be resolved before printing.


I have entered all the April changes as 10th, when most start from the 11th or later. This was for speed of entry more than anything.


I am aware the early 2016 was not a “universal” date for First Essex changes, but it just fills a gap for now. A few more booklets old and new will be looked through to give me a better idea, in time for the printed copy. The Index to Places Served, ticketing and contacts etc. will be fully in the finished copy.


Finally, as with all we do… I’d love to hear of any errors, feedback, omissions or errors.



Suzy x



Essex CC Bus Review  0

Essex County Council have recently published the results of their bus review, and it includes some improvements and some withdrawals.

Click here for the complete list of changes, including the commercial changes.

Click here (open directory) to see the other documents and papers issued about the bus review.

Crossrail becomes the Lizzy Line – shame it doesn’t continue to Windsor  0



Her Majesty the Queen today visited the under-construction Crossrail station at Bond Street as the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, announced that the new railway will be known as the Elizabeth line in her honour.

The Elizabeth line will transform travel across the city, boosting the economy by billions of pounds and supporting thousands of new jobs and homes.


The Mayor was joined by Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin MP, London’s Transport Commissioner, Mike Brown MVO, the Crossrail infrastructure company’s Chairman, Terry Morgan, and Chief Executive, Andrew Wolstenholme, as they gave Her Majesty a tour of the Bond Street station site, which will see 24 trains per hour in each direction when the central section of the Transport for London (TfL) run railway opens in 2018.

The Queen was presented with a commemorative Elizabeth roundel, and met a wide range of people involved in the construction of Crossrail, Europe’s largest infrastructure project. This included apprentices working on building the railway, engineers fitting out the station and drivers of the trains that will serve the line.


This marks the latest in a long-held association between the Royal family and London’s Transport network.

Her Majesty became the first reigning monarch to travel on the London Underground in 1969, when she opened the Victoria line service.

In 1977, the Jubilee line was officially opened by HRH the Prince of Wales and was named to mark 25 years since Her Majesty’s accession to the throne. In the same year, Her Majesty opened Heathrow Central station (Terminals 1 2 3) on the Piccadilly line.

In the aftermath of the 7 July terrorist attack on the London Underground, Her Majesty unveiled a plaque at Aldgate station in 2010 remembering the lives of the 52 victims who had died.

In 2013, the celebrations of London Underground’s 150th anniversary saw The Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall take a trip on the Underground, and Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge visit Baker Street station.


The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, said: `Crossrail is already proving a huge success for the UK economy, and as we move closer to bringing this transformative new railway into service, I think it’s truly wonderful that such a significant line for our capital, will carry such a significant name from our country. As well as radically improving travel right across our city, the Elizabeth line will provide a lasting tribute to our longest serving monarch.’

The Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP said: ‘Given Her Majesty the Queen’s long association with UK transport, it is very fitting that this vital link across our capital will be named the Elizabeth Line in her honour. This is an example of British engineering at its best and will transform the way people travel across London and beyond from 2018, bringing better and faster journeys, while boosting jobs and driving economic growth.’

Mike Brown MVO, London’s Transport Commissioner, said: ‘This new railway is absolutely vital to meeting the needs of the Capital’s rapidly growing population. The Elizabeth line will transform the way people get across our city and will enable London to continue to succeed, contributing to the economic health of the entire country. In running this important new railway we will ensure that it serves as a fitting tribute to Her Majesty the Queen.’


Terry Morgan, Chairman, Crossrail Limited said: ‘Construction for the new railway is now over 70 per cent complete and is being delivered on time and within budget. The Crossrail project is one of the most ambitious and complex infrastructure programmes ever undertaken in the UK, the scale of engineering being delivered under the capital is quite incredible. The opening of the Elizabeth line in 2018 will be a significant moment for London.’

Stretching from Reading and Heathrow in the west across to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east, the Elizabeth line will change the way people travel around London and the South East and add much needed new capacity to London’s transport infrastructure. A fleet of brand new 200 metre long trains will run on the Elizabeth line, featuring nine walk-through carriages, air conditioning, CCTV and real-time travel information.

When the railway fully opens it will significantly increase the Capital’s rail capacity, carrying over half a million passengers per day – the same number of annual visitors to Buckingham Palace. Some 1.5 million people will have better access to the jobs and opportunities of London’s main employment centres, and an estimated £42bn will have been added to the economy of the United Kingdom.



The Elizabeth Line will deliver a direct connection between all of London’s main employment centres, linking Heathrow with Paddington, the West End, the City and Canary Wharf. Trains will start operating in five phases:

  • Liverpool Street to Shenfield – May 2017
  • Heathrow to Paddington (main line platforms) – May 2018
  • Paddington (Crossrail platforms) to Abbey Wood, through the new central tunnels – December 2018
  • Paddington (Crossrail platforms) to Shenfield – May 2019
  • Full through service (including services to Reading) – December 2019


Local Independent Bus Operator Stephensons has announced a celebration day of one of its most long-serving vehicle types to celebrate their last year in mainstream service.
The first Leyland Olympians in the UK entered service in 1981 and the last (by now a Volvo Olympian) in 2000. 10,298 were produced in total. This popular and reliable double decker has served the British (and overseas) bus industry well, and Stephensons has operated many second-hand examples over the years, with models dating from 1981 through to 1996.


Managing Director Bill Hiron explained:
‘These great workhorses have been trusty servants to us for over 15 years. Our buses have been both the earlier Leyland and latter Volvo chassis, with bodywork by ECW, Northern Counties and Alexander, seating ranging from 72 to 87, and engines by both Gardner and Cummins. They have operated across our whole network, from our depots at Rochford, Maldon, Boreham, Clacton and Haverhill. It seems appropriate to celebrate their passing, and at the same time raise some money for the brilliant work of the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Our buses cover millions of miles on the roads of Essex and Suffolk each year, and since the Air Ambulance plays a key role in dealing with casualties on the road network, it is only right that we support their work’.


Ten Olympian buses remain in the fleet, although some of these are in reserve to cover for short notice/emergency requirements.


From 1st January 2017 the requirement for double decker buses used on scheduled services to comply with PSVAR disability regulations means that, by then, these fine workhorses will finally be withdrawn from the fleet.


To celebrate their loyal service, the bus company is organising a ‘running day’ on Saturday 4th June 2016 based on their routes in West Suffolk , from Bury St Edmunds to Haverhill (14/15) and from Bury St Edmunds to Mildenhall & Newmarket (16). There are rail stations at both Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket, and Stagecoach buses from Cambridge to Haverhill, allowing easy access from points further afield.


It is planned that some of the firm’s remaining Olympians will operate all departures on these routes on that day meaning up to five will be in service.


Normal fares will apply on the day – for those who wish to travel on several buses/routes, and break the day with refreshments at one of the many local coffee shops, cafes or pubs, our £8 Day Ticket – valid for unlimited travel – is available from bus drivers on the day. However, there will also be an advance purchase option (through the website) for £12 to include the day ticket, a bus graph showing planned workings on the day, full timetables for the two routes, and a brief history of the buses which we hope to be running.
£1 from every Day Ticket sold (whether in advance or on the day) will go to Stephensons’ local charity, the East Anglian Air Ambulance.
Further details will be available from from 1st April 2016.
Web Link:

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First In Essex: £1,000 raised for St Helena Hospice  0

£1,000 raised for St Helena Hospice


First Essex Drivers Raise £1,000 for St Helena Hospice

You may of seen First Bus drivers in Colchester and Clacton Sporting some fancy dress during the run up to Christmas, whilst out and about driving buses in the local areas.

Between 10th -24th Dec, our drivers where fundraising for St Helena hospice, collecting spare change from customers who kindly donated to the cause.

Over the two week period, First Drivers raised £1,000 for St Helena’s Hospice, and drivers who took part in the event, presented the cheque this morning to Paul Draper, St Helena’s Partnership fundraiser along with Dandy Lion who accepted on St Helena’s hospice behalf.

Paul Draper added’ We are so proud to continue to work with First Buses in Colchester and Clacton areas who support our charity annually in this very special way.

They have now raised over £11,000 in ten years of fundraising in this way,

The money enables us to continue to provide excellent care for adults in North Essex with life-limiting illnesses and also to provide bereavement support for their loved ones.

We would like to Thank all our First Bus customers who generously donated spare change when travelling on our services and a HUGE well done to our drivers for taking part!

First in Essex: 2016 Fares revisions  0

First in Essex: 2016 Fares revisions

First Essex Buses will be making some changes to a number of bus fares with effect from Sunday 24th January 2016.

Each year we review our ticket range, to ensure it is in line with our customers’ expectations and demands, but more importantly our tickets are fit for purpose for the journeys they are making.

There will be a slight increase to a limited number of fares, mostly around 10p on some single and return tickets across Essex. However, most of our individual multi journey and longer term period tickets will be unchanged.

Also there are a number of tickets, which have reduced, whilst we have introduced a number of new product ranges across our M-ticketing platform.

A Summary of changes can be found below:

New ticket range on M-ticketing:

  • 10 journey tickets introduced in Southend, Basildon inner and outer, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester inner, Clacton and All Essex Zones.
  • 3 Month and Annual Tickets available on all areas including the X30 service
  • Weekly All Essex and X30 Ticket including a 10 journey X30 ticket
  • Group 1 + 2 and Group 2 + 2 tickets now available across all areas – 1 adult plus 2 children, and 2 adults plus 2 children.

To download our M-ticketing app, log onto your app store and search for First Bus M-ticketing and download to your smartphone. For more information about M-ticketing click here 

Key examples unchanged fares:

Southend, Canvey, Rayleigh area:

  • The Southend Metro adult and child weekly prices are unchanged.
  • The adult £3.00 return fares from Canvey and Benfleet to Benfleet Station are unchanged as are the £2.50 Southchurch to Southend and £3.00 Hadleigh/London Road to Southend adult return fares.

Basildon, Brentwood and Thurrock Areas:

  • Basildon Inner adult and child day, week and 4-week prices are unchanged.

Chelmsford area:

  • Chelmsford Inner adult and child day, week and 4-week prices are unchanged.
  • X30 prices are unchanged.

Colchester area:

  • Colchester zone adult and child weekly price are unchanged
  • Family 1 + 2 day ticket price unchanged

Clacton Area:

  • The Clacton adult and child day and 4-week ticket prices are unchanged.

Key examples of Fare increases:

Southend, Canvey, Rayleigh area:

  • The £2.70 adult single fare in the Southend area increases to £2.80

Basildon, Brentwood and Thurrock areas:

  • Basildon Outer Adult  £6.40 and Child day ticket £3.50 increases by 10p, Basildon outer child weekly is now £16.00

Chelmsford area:

  • The £2.70 adult single fare in the Chelmsford urban area increases to £2.80. The maximum adult return fare remains at £4.00

All Essex area:

  • The All Essex weekly price increases to £32.00, having been held at £30.00 for a number of years

Colchester area:

  • The £2.10 and £2.40 adult single fares in the Colchester urban area increases to £2.20 and £2.50 respectively. The maximum adult return fare remains at £3.50

Clacton Area:

  • The £2.60 Clacton area adult single fare increases to £2.70, with a return rate of £4.50

Key examples of Fare reductions:

Basildon, Brentwood and Thurrock areas:

  • The Basildon bus station to Basildon Hospital fare has been reduced to £1.50 adult single and £2.60 return.

All Essex Area

  • The All Essex 4-weekly price is reduced from £100.00 to £96.00
  • All Essex child week reduced to £24.00
  • All Essex 4 week child reduced to £84.00

Clacton areas:

  • The Clacton town centre to Great Clacton Plough adult fare reduces to £2.00 single and £3.60 return.

We would strongly recommend that our customers check out our full ticket range, as they could be getting a better deal over what they are currently paying for their travel by switching to a longer term ticket.

To check the full list of pricing, please click on the attached documents below.





Wrightbus has reached a milestone moment in the production of its StreetLite vehicles, having this month delivered its 1000th StreetLite Door Forward (DF) bus.

First Bus welcomed the landmark to its fleet some 2.5 years after taking delivery of its first StreetLite.  Today First Bus has more than 650 StreetLites deployed the length and breadth of the UK.  In the last two years First Bus has placed orders for more than 450 ‘StreetLite Micro Hybrid’ buses, one of the most fuel efficient buses on the market delivering significant fuel savings, after working in partnership with Wrightbus to test, trial and develop the vehicles.  First Bus’ 2015 StreetLite Micro Hybrid order included Euro 6 versions of the vehicles.

The 1000th bus produced was recently delivered to the brand new First Bus depot in Colchester and forms part of an order for 17 new StreetLite Micro Hybrids with Euro 6 engines for First Essex.  To mark the special occasion, Wrightbus presented a Waterford Crystal bowl with an engraved wooden plinth to Alex Jones, Managing Director of First Essex.

Commenting on the landmark delivery, Alex Jones said:  “We’re proud to welcome the 1000th StreetLite bus to come off the production line at Wright’s to our Colchester bus fleet. It’s part of a delivery of 33 new vehicles, including 17 Euro 6 StreetLites, supporting our plans to improve our services and encourage passenger growth.

“The StreetLite has proved to be an excellent vehicle for First Bus, particularly the Streetlite Micro Hybrid, which we helped bring to market.  Across the UK and here in Essex we’ve invested heavily in those vehicles, which have helped position us at the forefront of the bus industry, setting new standards of fuel consumption and supporting Local Authority agendas to improve air quality in our towns and cities. Test results show that running eight Euro 6 buses produces the same amount of certain exhaust emissions, including Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM), as running one bus with a Euro V engine.”

Ian Downie, Wrightbus’ Managing Director for Sales & Customcare, said:  “Our StreetLite range in both wheel forward and door forward formats were first launched in 2010.  Five years on the range line up has become one of the best-selling single deck buses in the UK market, offering even better fuel consumption and a higher passenger carrying capacity and keeping StreetLite at the top of many operators shopping lists.

“Given the success of our partnership with First Bus in bringing the Streetlite Micro Hybrid to life, it is particularly appropriate that the First Bus team has taken delivery of the 1000th door forward Streetlite and is able to join us in marking this milestone.”

The relationship between Wrightbus and First Bus goes back more than 20 years.  First Bus now operates around 3,700 Wrightbus bodied vehicles in its fleet.

Each of the 17 new First Essex StreetLites is fitted with the latest clean and green technologies with the Wrightbus’ Streetlites being powered by Euro 6 engines and also benefiting ‘Micro Hybrid’ version 2 systems which can deliver fuel and carbon emission savings of up to 11%.

Micro Hybrid technology has been exclusively designed and developed by Wrightbus, as a technique which captures its energy generated from a bus’s braking system, and redistributes the energy to power pneumatics, hydraulic and electrical systems, which would otherwise require additional power from the engine. The result is a reduction in fuel consumption and, in turn, substantial cost savings over a bus’s typical 15-year operational service life.

c2c announces package of changes to improve peak journeys  0

c2c announces package of changes to improve peak journeys

14 January 2016
National Express train operator c2c has announced a package of changes to improve the peak-time journey for most c2c customers.As part of c2c’s commitment to review and adjust the new timetable in operation, from Monday 18 January the busiest peak services will be lengthened including more 12-carriage trains.

The following trains will be lengthened from 8 to 12 carriages:

  • 07:18 service from Shoeburyness to Fenchurch Street, which calls at all stations to Chalkwell and then fast to West Ham and Fenchurch Street
  • 17:16 service from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness, which now stops at Laindon, an additional stop at Basildon, then all stations from Chalkwell
  • 17:46 service from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness, which will call at all stations to Upminster, then Laindon and all stations from Chalkwell
  • 18:04 service from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness, which calls at all stations via Laindon

The following trains will increase from 4 to 8 carriages:

  • 16:28 from Fenchurch Street to Leigh-on-Sea via Laindon
  • 17:25 from Fenchurch Street to Grays via Ockendon
  • 18:19 from Fenchurch Street to Southend Central via Laindon

Overall these changes provide more than 1,000 extra seats on services from Fenchurch Street at the busiest time of the evening peak, from 17:15 to 18:10. Other services which are less busy will be amended to provide these longer services, with a full list of changes available here.

The stopping patterns of the remaining busiest trains will be also be amended from Monday 18 January, to ensure that the most crowded services no longer stop at all London stations:

  • The following services from Fenchurch Street will no longer call at West Ham:

17:28; 17:43

  • The following services from Fenchurch Street will no longer call at Barking:

17:01; 17:13; 17:31; 17:58; 18:01; 18:13; 18:28

As well as adding this extra capacity in the busiest period, c2c has reached agreement in principle with another train operator to lease additional carriages to provide extra capacity on c2c at peak times. Subject to final contractual agreement and regulatory approval, these carriages are expected to be in service on c2c from late spring. These will be in service until delivery of the brand new trains that c2c is already contracted to deliver from 2019.

Because of the disruption passengers have faced in recent weeks as the new timetable settles, c2c is offering c2c season ticket holders a cash apology worth the equivalent of two days’ free travel. This means those who buy the most expensive tickets will be able to claim up to £30. Full details of how to claim will be made available online in the next few days.

c2c Managing Director Julian Drury said: “We want to provide our customers with a better train service than anyone else in the UK, despite the soaring demand we have seen. Both south Essex and east London are areas of huge growth. They are our home area, and they matter enormously to us. We are trying to modernise our service to support this economic success story, and to provide the transport infrastructure that the local communities need.

“We know that the first major changes to the c2c timetable in a decade have been disruptive for many people, particularly during the evening peak. We appreciate their patience, and we are sorry for the unsettling impact this has had, which is why we’re offering our season ticket holders a cash apology. We are continuing to do everything we can to provide as many seats and as much capacity as possible for our passengers.”

Other improvements for c2c passengers that are planned for 2016 include:

  • Introducing the UK’s first automatic compensation for passengers when they are delayed for as little as two minutes
  • Flexible season tickets which provide better value for passengers who don’t travel every day
  • Free onboard Wi-Fi
  • Start of a £33m station investment programme
  • Maintaining c2c’s position as the most punctual train operator in the UK


The number of passengers travelling with c2c at peak times has increased sharply recently. Click here to see details.

TfL Tender Results, 13th January 2016  0

Notification of Tender Results   


13th January 2016


LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:


Route                Current Operator         New Operator               PVR     Vehicles          

608                   Blue Triangle                 Blue Triangle                 3          Existing diesel double deck

646                   Blue Triangle                 Blue Triangle                 3          Existing diesel single deck

648                   Blue Triangle                 Blue Triangle                 2          Existing diesel single deck

652                   Blue Triangle                 Blue Triangle                 2          Existing diesel double deck

656                   Blue Triangle                 Blue Triangle                 3          Existing diesel double deck

679                   Blue Triangle                 Blue Triangle                 3          Existing diesel double deck

686                   Blue Triangle                 Blue Triangle                 2          Existing diesel double deck


All the above contracts will commence on 3rd September 2016.

Townlink ceased four hours ago  0

So just as I thought the newly barred operators put in an appeal, we hear Townlink won’t be running around Harlow tomorrow… if I was a capitalist I would put the flyers I grabbed last week on eBay, with the word “rare” and a ten k price tag lol

from Harlowride…


10th January 2016

We have reason to believe that Townlink Buses will no longer operate, meaning that services 19/20/21, 524/524A and T15 will not run on Monday.

For passengers from routes 19/20/21

Trustybus will be operating an enhanced service on route 419/420 between Harlow, Epping, North Weald and Ongar with earlier journeys and more journeys in rush hours. Route 419 will operate via North Weald between Harlow and Epping. Route 420 will continue to operate via Thornwood between Harlow and Epping, but then serve North Weald and Ongar. A timetable is linked here >

The cost of a buy-on-the-bus weekly ticket on routes 419 and 420 will be £15.

Passengers for destinations between Ongar and Warley should change at Ongar where we understand that new Ensignbus service 21 will provide an onward connection. EDIT by Suzy – yes they are – see – note the apology at the end of the page!

Passengers from routes 524 & 524A

No direct replacement is expected to opearte.

Passengers for Ware and Hertford should use Green Line 724.
Passengers for Stanstead Abbotts should use Trustybus routes 392/3, 410/A.

Passengers from route T15

Arriva are expected to start a replacement service 9 very shortly. In the meantime passengers should take a bus to or from the nearest point on Second Avenue, Tillwicks Road or Southern Way.

TfL Fares Guide composite guide of all details, Saturday 24th October 2015  0

Further to the extension of the TfL Oyster scheme to Hertford East, I decided to put together all the tickets and prices into one set. Guide is correct up to and including the New Addington bus changes this Saturday 24th, hernce the date. Blank pages inserted to make multiples of four, but these can be removed if desired.


Now three seperate sets for trains plus specials – with one fare for buses and trains as ever. Hmm…. I remember when it all fitted into a slimline booklet, with another smaller slimline for the fares north of Moor Park on the Met line. Now almost 140 pages without the covers! Download this here.



#randomtimetablemonday – Where Are They Now? – Whippet & Uno  0

The Whippet and Uno poats appeared in our eNewsletter, but for some reason didn’t make it over to this blog. Oops!


#randomtimetablemonday – Where Are They Now?

Whippet Local Bus Services folder, running from 26th July 2015 until at least October 2015, and, Uno Bus Times (main book – Herts, Luton, London, etc.), from 30 August 2015



I reviewed both of these publications some time back, and it is interesting to look back on them as they are updated and reissued. The Uno book, by default from me living in their area, is one of the most often-referred to in this kind of format. The Whippet one seems to be a close second, followed by the three Centrebus guides for different parts of Herts, then the Sullivan Borehamwood/PB/Watford and Metroline commercial services guide.




It was good to see the new management at Whippet waste no time at all in getting a network guide out, and also heightening the profile of the company in many other ways. OK, quite a few dog puns, but they work for me! The company also like the feedback they’ve had on it – I can only assume – as they’ve quoted my review of Issue 1…




… So what’s different this time round? The cover-based bullet points have been replaced by paw prints, and the Go-Whippet is now just Whippet. The bottom photo faded to is of one of the Cambridge colleges. They have added a number of services won on contract, and have devoted one third of one side to tickets…




… and can still manage to squeeze everything onto an A2 sheet, with nothing lost? I can only put it down to simplified timetables running hourly etc. instead of previous varied times, which will require more space. As with the last it covers everything except the Long Road College contract bus, Tesco free buses, and the West Hunts network – the latter due for retender in October-ish, hence the cover date.

The guide builds on the last one, and then managed to squeeze in a whole lot more. Print size the same, map and index still there! The [Stagecoach] Cambridge citi guide first printed about 14 years ago, did set the bar high.  This new edition reaches the bar, and knocks it off the poles in terms of quality, ease of use, portability, and much more. You can download a PDF of the timetable here, or pick one up from any Whippet bus driver.




Uno is the other one I want to give another mention to. The book is much the same as before – slightly slimmer with less services – but still useful. The book contains 82 pages, a system map, where to board your bus from some key points, a St Albans map and city centre plan, some route maps for selected services, two pages on tickets, and many mentions of the discounted tickets now available when bought on the m-ticketing app. I like the slightly redesigned bar with the flash at an angle, thus now matching the outsides of the buses…


You can pick one up from the boxes of them on buses, or St Albans Tourist Information, or the Intalink information bus.IMG_7413

Colchester Quayside Depot Opening  0

Colchester Quayside Depot Opening

Wednesday 30 September 2015


On Wednesday 30 September, Chairman of the County Council Norman Hume officially declared First Essex new bus depot open in Colchester. As part of a £3.5m investment, First Essex has merged its present depots at Queen Street and Haven Road into a new purpose built facility at Quayside.

The investment has been very well received by our staff. With a new office facility to work from, along with brand new workshops built to undertake all engineering functions, the working environment is greatly improved and much more efficient. New systems have been introduced to manage bus parts and other materials under one roof whereby previously we had items spread over three sites.

We have also introduced improved bus wash facilities and cleaning processes to improve the cleanliness of our buses. As part of the investment, we recently refurbished our travel shop and driver facilities at our town centre site and introduced a brand new learning centre for staff.

Alex Jones Managing Director for First Essex in Colchester said;’ Were committed to delivering the best services for our customers, and providing the best operating environment for our staff. Our new centre of operations will help us improve upon our strong punctuality and reliability performance and provide us with an excellent platform to develop our business further’

“This investment, along with a further £2m on 17 brand new streetlite buses scheduled for December, provides confidence and reassurance to our customers and stakeholders that we are committed to providing a comprehensive bus network for local communities in Colchester’.

Councillor Norman Hume, Chairman of Essex County Council, said: “First Essex is one of our important commercial bus partners and I am delighted to be here to open this brand new bus depot. Essex County Council is investing heavily in transportation in Colchester – this new depot will contribute to our aim of improving the roads in Colchester and is another boost to the transport infrastructure in the borough.’

Arrival of three Whippet Puppies  0












Three Whippet Puppy buses are now settling in at their new home in Swavesey, Cambridgeshire.  The buses have been

acquired by Whippet Coaches from another part of Tower Transit Group, its parent company.

“Whippet Puppy buses seat 29 compared with our full-size single-deckers with up to 46 seats, “explains Matthew Wooll, Commercial Manager. “They are therefore ideal for a number of rural services we operate on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council, including the 31 and 75 which have new timetables commencing on 27th July.”

The puppies were officially launched at Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Godmanchester on Thursday 16th July, thanks to the kind assistance of Richard Parris, Corporate Fundraiser.

“When we heard about Whippet’s new litter of puppies we couldn’t resist being involved in their unleashing,” said Richard. “We often take in pregnant mums and litters of puppies or kittens, giving them the care and support they need before finding them adoring new homes so we love the idea of vehicles being given a second chance by ‘rehoming’ them, especially ones so young. “

The animal rehoming centre at King’s Bush Farm in Godmanchester is the head office of Wood Green, The Animals Charity. From humble beginnings in 1924 it has grown to become one of the leading animal welfare organisations in the UK with centres throughout Herts, Beds, Cambs and London.  Thousands of animals of all shapes and sizes are taken in and rehomed each year, including chickens, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, cats, dogs and of course whippets!

Whippet Coaches was formed five years earlier in 1919.  The business made a donation of £300 to help the charity continue their good work.

In the group photo at the front are (left to right): Charles Hart (Animal Rehomer) with Blousie the dog, Paul Young (General Manager for Whippet Coaches), Richard Parris (Corporate Fundraiser for Wood Green, The Animals Charity), Paul Nelson (Public Transport Manager at Cambridgeshire County Council) and Paula McBride (Animal Rehomer) with Bailey the dog. 

The Whippet on board the bus with RIchard Parris is Luke.


For more details about Wood Green please visit

Whippet Coaches changes from w/c 26th July 2015  0

Further to our posts when the consultation was on…


We will be introducing new timetables on the following routes from 26 July:

  • Route C (Busway)
  • Route 1
  • Route 1A
  • Route 2
  • Route 3 (and new X3)
  • Route 5
  • Route 6
  • Route 7 (renumbered 477)
  • Route 8
  • Route 9
  • Route 12
  • Route 15
  • Route 31
  • Route 45
  • Route 61 (and new 62)
  • Route 63
  • Route 75
  • Route 476

These changes follow on from our consultation at the end of March when we received over 100 comments/suggestions from our customers.  More details of each route can be found below.  New timetable leaflets will be available on buses at the beginning of July.


Overall summary Our aim is to provide reliable services at reasonable prices, driven by friendly drivers. We need to make sure that our resources are used to the best effect. Some services have not changed for several years and consequently no longer reflect current conditions.  The timetable may no longer be easy for our staff to adhere to or the requirements of the majority of passengers may now differ.


Busway Routes C and D We are very proud to be one of the operators providing services along the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway. Our regular customers like our reliability, good value fares and the small team of friendly drivers.  Therefore we are only making a few minor adjustments to the timetable in order to reflect current demand and also cope with peak time traffic congestion. Buses will no longer operate as route D. All our guided buses will now be route C via Science Park. The journey to Long Road Sixth Form College will operate on all weekdays, not just college days, and will use The Busway between Cambridge Station and Addenbrooke’s Hospital to avoid the traffic on Hills Road.  Between the guided busway and Long Road College buses will serve bus stops on Robinson Way outside the Rosie Hospital.  The afternoon journey will be delayed by 10 minutes to give students enough time to reach the bus. The daytime pattern of departures will also now apply on Saturdays and will be complimented by the revised route 1A running on the opposite half hour, resulting in a 30-minute service from Cambridge Railway Station to St Ives.  The midday journey from Cambridge to Somersham will run an hour later, giving more time in the city. Times of route C from Cambridge City Centre in the evenings are adjusted slightly. Route 1A will provide later journeys to St Ives including a new 18:40 departure from Cambridge Railway Station.


Route 1 New route X3 will replace route 1 between Cambourne and Cambridge City Centre.  Route 1 will continue to provide local links between Cambourne, Papworth Everard, Hilton and St Ives during the daytime, with a commuter journey to Cambridge on weekdays.  There are no changes to the St Ivo School trips apart from the morning journey which will continue to Huntingdon via Huntingdonshire Regional College.


Routes 1A and 1B Route 1B will be withdrawn but the 1A will be diverted to serve RAF Wyton throughout the day, including on Sundays and Public Holidays.  Buses will run every hour making the timetable easier to remember, but at peak times additional buses on route 1A will operate giving a more frequent service. Later journeys will operate from each end of the route and the 45 provides an additional journey from Huntingdon on weekdays.  Most journeys on route 1A will now serve Cambridge Railway Station and combine with route C to provide a service approximately every 30 minutes for most of the day from the city towards St Ives. The service will no longer differ between school days and non-school days.


Route 2 We have adjusted the times of the morning journey so that it operates earlier throughout, due to traffic delays on the final approaches to Cambridge.


Route 3 (and new X3) New route X3 will provide an hourly service for most of the day between Huntingdon and Cambridge via Godmanchester.  Some journeys on route 3 will continue to operate during peak times and will serve Hilton.  Route 1 will provide most of the service to/from Hilton during the daytime, with some additional journeys to and from Cambridge at peak times.  Routes 3 and X3 will serve West Cambridge, Charles Babbage Way and there is an afternoon journey from Long Road College to match the morning journey. A later journey from Huntingdon will operate at 17:50 to Cambourne.


Route 5 Route 5 will now become a circular service between St Ives, Hemingford Abbots and Hemingford Grey, running up to every 60 minutes and linking into other services at St Ives Bus Station for onward travel to Cambridge or Huntingdon.  Route 1 will continue to serve Hemingford Grey on the school journeys to and from St Ivo School.


Route 6 This shopping service to St Neots will now start at Fenstanton and operate via Cambourne and Lower Cambourne.


Route 7 The service will be renumbered 477 (to tie in with the peak-time 476).  Buses will operate approximately every 30 minutes during the daytime with most journeys continuing to Huntingdon Railway Station to connect with trains. The service in the afternoon will no longer differ between school days and non-school days. Rail commuters can use Plusbus tickets from Godmanchester and return home from the station at 18:38 (476), 19:08 (476), 19:38 (Busway), 20:01 (Busway), 20:31 (Busway) and 21:01 (Busway).


Route 8 The 16:30 departure from Cambridge will continue to leave at 16:30 but all subsequent times will be approximately 10 minutes earlier than at present.


Route 9 This service will operate on all weekdays in future, not just Mondays and Fridays. The afternoon journey continues to Papworth, giving residents of Boxworth, Knapwell and Elsworth the opportunity to spend 45 minutes in Papworth and then return home on route 8.


Route 12 The first journey will now depart Marley Road 8 minutes later and operate via Constable Road, Burleigh Road, Burstellars Road and Pig Lane to match all other journeys.


Route 15 The peak-time journeys between Fen Drayton and Fenstanton will be withdrawn. The afternoon journey from St Ives becomes five minutes later at 12:15.


Route 31 A revised timetable throughout the day will see buses operating every 90 minutes at off-peak times between Fowlmere and Addenbrooke’s Hospital.  At peak times buses will start/finish at Barley and Cambridge Drummer Street Bus Station.  The service on Saturdays will be very similar to weekdays.


Route 45 This peak-time service between St Ives and Huntingdon / Hinchingbrooke Hospital will be operated by Whippet Coaches from 27 July.  The 45 provides earlier and later journeys for users of route 1A between common points.


Route 61 (and new 62) These routes will become the main weekday services for residents of St Ives (see route 63 for peak-time buses).  Buses will operate up to every 30 minutes between Eaton Socon and St Neots High Street, with route 61 continuing approximately every hour to St Neots Railway Station and Eynesbury Tesco.  The 62 continues beyond St Ives High Street to Eynesbury Tesco via Duck Lane and Howitt’s Lane approximately every hour. The service in the afternoon will no longer differ between school days and non-school days


Route 63 This peak-time service linking Eaton Ford, Eaton Socon and Eynesbury to St Neots Railway Station and the town centre will be operated by Whippet Coaches from 27 July. The 61 and 62 provide daytime journeys, giving a complete service from 06:00 to after 19:00 on Mondays to Fridays.


Route 75 A revised timetable throughout the day will see buses operating every 90 minutes at off-peak times between Orwell and Cambridge Drummer Street Bus Station. Some journeys early in the morning and late afternoon are extended to serve Wrestlingworth, Croydon and Long Road College in Cambridge. The service on Saturdays will be very similar to weekdays.


Route 476 This peak-time service has a slightly revised timetable. When combined with route 477 (see details for route 7 above) a complete Whippet service runs approximately every 30 minutes from about 06:40 to 19:10 on weekdays and from about 08:40 to 17:40 on Saturdays.