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#RANDOMTIMETABLEMONDAY – Where Are They Now? Metrobus Bus Times, Great Western Railway Network Guide, and Rail Times by Middleton Press  0


Metrobus Bus Times, Great Western Railway Network Guide, and Rail Times by Middleton Press



Metrobus Bus Times – 23rd April 2016 Edition



This booklet has continued to flourish, despite many backstage changes with the company, and it’s grouping being split – outside London now managed with Brighton & Hove Buses, while inside London becomes part of Go Ahead London. This redefining of the management structure has resulted in changes in many ways, as well as the book itself.  The map was one of the first to be changed, with the new look encompassing thinner lines used for the Network Map. Some B&H Bus services are also included.


However the content is still all there, and all as was. A comprehensive Index, list of ticketing pages over a full ten pages (now including Key, mTickets and the like – but no mention of the Southern Rail-controlled PAYG KeyGo card), two pages of attractions listed, town maps including “where to board your bus”, one summary timetable, and full traditional timetables for the Metrobus outside London network (except TfL services, which as stated above, come under Go Ahead London). The best bit about it is the use of blank space to mention things – everything from service changes to places to visit, free WiFi and ticket deals, or photos of attractions reached on the service. I do detest blank pages and generally wasted space across timetables of all sizes and sorts, and this is a good way to get round it. The book itself is 132 pages of A5 information, using every inch productively.


Last time I was out this way, copies could be had from Redhill and Reigate Bus Stations, as well as some information carousels in certain railway stations. Or ask the company


Great Western Railway (GWR) Network Guide – Winter 2015/Summer 2016 Editions




The timetable book has already become invaluable for just about anything you need to know about rail and travel in the West of England.


Following last Summer’s timetable that had been issued until the Autumn, a Supplement was promised. However they went one better, doing an entire new book in the new company branding.


The book has a lot of useful information – everything from histories of named trains to a list of major events, details of engineering work to a fold-out diagrammatic network map, and a calendar showing bank holidays. Seating plans are included, as are notes on things like station ticket office opening hours (long removed from the GTR network!). Details of heritage railways are included too, as are a table of bus-rail connections.


Some time back, I did email GWR with a few suggestions, not long before the person who did these got a new job elsewhere in the company. My suggestions were practical – asking for the covers to be laminated for one. That might seem like a minor point, but remember how heavily we wore out the Summer 2014 edition – that was just in the planning!!!!


I also mentioned it would be nice if the pocket Quick Guide (Monday-Friday end-to-end summaries of services between key points, which were not on the website), as with the Summary timetables W1A, C1A and C3A (which show principal stations only). Come the Winter 2015 edition, all these things were included, making the book even more useful! The different days and week sections were flashed on the outer page edge. The Winter Edition came to 396 pages (pictured) that was worth a fiver in anyone’s money.


Now, the new Summer 2016 one is ready, and on sale. Unlike the pocket timetables issued by GWR (West 1 is already 104 printed pages!), this includes leaf fall and seasonal building related stuff in the Autumn, saving the need for a supplement or reissue. All the features I mentioned last time are still there – aside from the cover lamination. (Mine has already had some Magic Tape applied to it!) .


512 pages of information – a record so far? The summer ones are usually bigger anyway, but that’s something of note for sure. It’s still portable, and has found room for the Didcot Parkway – Oxford summary (all the quick cards are Mon-Fri) to expand to seven days a week. Why not the rest I’m not sure, but sure that might happen in time.  A couple of the CrossCountry trains only appear in the summaries (Reading-Oxford) thus missing the Banbury bit, but that is a minor grumble.


When added the Travelling With GWR guide (including the hours for off-peak), Ranger/Rover tickets, and the double-sided Network Map (which features a geographically accurate GWR route map one side, and a Network Rail network map on the other), it combines to create a somewhat of an almanac in rail out of Paddington, and as far out as across Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall, and into Wales.


I feel the book is the highest quality operator timetable in the UK, at this moment in time. You can buy them from main stations, or call 03457 000 125 to purchase one for £5 plus a postage surcharge of around £2.65.



Middleton Press Rail Times – Summer 2016 Edition – (major changes to format)




The Rail Times by Middleton Press was changed for Summer 2016. Following ongoing issues and errors with the data used, the decision was taken by Middleton Press to use the European Rail Timetable data (i.e. abbreviated) for main routes (fits the East Coast Main Line onto three pages, as an example). The book is now called “Britain’s Rail Times for Principal Stations on Main Lines and Rural Routes”. The book itself is less than 9mm thick, and now only £9.99. A separate all lines diagram is being prepared in time for the Winter edition.


The bit in bold italics is taken from my email to the publisher…


I liked the presentation, the matt art paper used, and the size. I like the fact you get Thameslink and the ECML on one page, even if I then have to look up another table for onward services to Dundee (the town where we both grew up!). I like the fact that it’s a nice design, and seems to have been thought out well.


However I was kind of hoping that the content and interior was to be an expanded version of the UK section of the ERT, perhaps expanded to cover a tiny bit of information for nine out of ten lines, at least.


The content itself is a bit patchy – while you can fit times for Ramsgate, Dover, Canterbury West, Dover, Ashford, Hastings, Eastbourne, Uckfield, East Grinstead, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Seaford branch, Brighton-Portsmouth, Brighton-Southampton, Reading and Windsor, all on a double page is very admirable, and I do like it. But I would expect something similar for the other side of the Thames? Hertford East and North branches do not appear. Welwyn Garden City (the world’s second garden city) and Hatfield (home of a university) don’t get a look in. None of the stopping trains to Cambridge are shown at all. There are two separate tables for London-Cambridge (aka Cambridge Express), and London-Kings Lynn. Now these could be merged into one – why? Well every second Cam/Ex train extends to Kings Lynn – and in a couple of years, all of them. See other notes re no mention of stoppers.


Don’t get me wrong, I have some very fond memories of Brighton – as it was coming down for an appointment there that was the time when I fell in love with the lady who is now my wife!  (Does one of the schedulers live down there?)


As a customer (rather than a compiler myself) any network guide is only going to be useful – or indeed bought again – if it includes the trains I use, or can use. I don’t expect the full old timetable again, that ship has sailed I understand. But even if you could so put some of those 6 or 8 to a page tables with end-to-end times and running times, I would be absolutely delighted. Watford is mentioned five times – WCML, West Coast, Sleepers, and West London Line – as opposed to anything local – which does seem to misbalance when you see the rest of Herts (and parts of Essex and Bucks) are much more sparse. As a result the table showing the once-an-hour East Croydon-MK through trains is perhaps of use if you’d add the full service on the West London Line (London Overground) services too, even if just in a micro end-to-end format with running times and trains.


Perhaps even a table or page to include the once-a-week workings and what I generally call dead mileage killers in the world of buses, but I believe generally get called Parliamentary Trains or those that exist to keep driver knowledge – like Paddington to Gerrards Cross, the one CrossCountry train that follows the outer branch of the Fife Circle? This would create a balance between visitors, train buffs, and those who wish to plan.


I understand, that in a European timetable, the amount of space for UK Times is limited. But for a UK wide timetable, you could work to a clean slate, and look to improve the range of content for the next one? Even if it meant adding “exclusive” extra pages? I would pay more for a comprehensive timetable, and even if it was only an inch or so each, it would be very welcome. I would be happy to help when it comes to picking out stations and the like.


Don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea, and want to support it. But, if I cannot use it for most of my journeys… do you get the drift?

I’d still be happy with a book up to thumbnail size with extra pages, and I would be happy to pay up to and including the “old” price.


Regarding the Introduction, could you look at reading the information you had before – like the train operator contact pages (which I found very useful in the old one), as well as things like Metro maps?


After that initial email, we had a telephone call with the publishers, and they’ve indicated they had to do something or nothing, in a short space of time. (Been there done that!). They are seeking to expand the coverage in time for the next issue from December 2016. Which is good to hear!

But a commendable start – and with a few more tables, will become even more useful!


And before you ask, no, I’ve no plans to do a traditional style NRT, other than perhaps to print the pages for routes as and when I need them. We do have most printed timetables from long distance TOCs and most in the Midlands and South, with a few expected in the next few days. If there are any train operator timetables from these parts that you cannot obtain, just let me know and I will see what we have in stock. (We get these for adding to the next wave of loose leaf timetables).

Essex Beta timetable version 5  0

Notes 17th April:

Okay, after posting  last night I went through the guide vs. my paper copy, and found a few glitches that you may want to note;


ACME Services 7/7A – the company timetable includes one extra journey that wasn’t in the HCC/Intalink one. Download via .


Arriva Harlow Services 5/6/6A, 8/8A and 10 omitted –find on or via the left-hand number links.

Single 8A can be deleted, as this is now part of Service 8.


First Essex 24A/24D – Service 24D was incorrectly shown online a few months back, instead of 24, which is what the timetable leaflet shows. This has been fixed, and a new tt can be had via .


EnsignBus 33 – fixed dates (as only one direction changed in January) so they are not contradictory.


Stephensons 38 – new timetable finally added with evening changes – and download via the right-hand menu.




Further to my previous beta posts and the recent update, an updated edition of the composite timetable file – beta version 5.0 – has been uploaded today. This includes adding a couple of missing services (Fords 3 & 6, Arriva Harlow 8A, Danbury Flyer), new editions of timetables (Stephenson’s 38/38A, 90, National Express A6-A9) adding scanned editions of most of he Arriva Harlow services, and adding company versions of many of the Trustybus services too, along with some previously omitted services.


Beta v5 Buses & Index to Services


Beta v5 Ferry and Rail (added scanned copies of Harwich Ferry leaflet)


Beta v5 Index to Services (ONLY)


Please note – if you have bookmarked the older one, you may wish to refresh to make sure you have the current book. I have tried to make the files same as the original versions. The older ones can be found at


A few points to note;

Service 59 is a different route on Sundays from the rest of the week – news to me when I picked that up on the new timetable leaflet. Anyone know either way? The Essex map is identical for both.

Service 410 is now serving Canada Fields, although nothing on Traveline, was by yesterday. The 242-249 series (formerly C1/C2) were recently withdrawn, so I assume this is a replacement of sorts?

Services CCT1, CCT2, CCT3, Chelmsford CT are not in the book. I did notice one  yesterday showing up on RTPI, even though the service is entirely DRT, and was supposed to be dropped. Shall ask.

Service LCB1 is doing a loop of Harlow Bus Station and Bush Fair, and the times seem to vary from the timetable added. Please note the health warning! Shall ask.


This will be the last Beta for now, but will make minor updates as and when. The future edition shall next be in the Summer, with our new loose-leaf timetable books.

Essex Timetables from w/c 10th April 2016 for free download  0

I have now compiled a “beta” version of all the Essex timetables. This is a timetable book, with a list of services. This is downloadable via the following link;


Intro, list of changes, index of services, and bus/coach times almost 54mb;



Corrections and observations;

Service HSB01 wasn’t included in the Index to Services – should show as being see under 347.

Service 5 First changes omitted. The new timetable, along  with the updated edition for Service 8, can be found at

Service 10 Arriva Harlow – the timetable is correct with every 20 minutes (currently 15). Arriva leaflet of changes is presumably a typo showing 30 minutes.


Ferry, Train services (also includes

London Bus Company 339/381 as these form part of the Epping Ongar Railway brochure) almost 10mb;


This book comes to you free of charge. Our future editions will start in the Summer, and you can subscribe to get either an A5 or A4 loose leaf binder, or an e-Book. You then either get an emailed/downloaded update each month, or paper copies direct to your door. (HarlowBuses online will always be free of charge, the full version will be charged). We are looking at more Pocket Guides for Essex too.


If you like what you see, you may well be interested in our full timetable range. Go to to sign up for our regular eNewsletter, which also includes some transport eNews, special offers, and much more!

Please note that there are some things I didn’t edit for the sake of time getting this ready; First “until” dates, and making sure every page has an operator name. This will be resolved before printing.


I have entered all the April changes as 10th, when most start from the 11th or later. This was for speed of entry more than anything.


I am aware the early 2016 was not a “universal” date for First Essex changes, but it just fills a gap for now. A few more booklets old and new will be looked through to give me a better idea, in time for the printed copy. The Index to Places Served, ticketing and contacts etc. will be fully in the finished copy.


Finally, as with all we do… I’d love to hear of any errors, feedback, omissions or errors.



Suzy x



TfL Tender Results, Wednesday 13th May 2015  0

Notification of Tender Results

13th May 2015


LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:


Route            Current Operator             New Operator                    PVR                  Vehicles

173                Arriva London North         Arriva London North              15                   Existing diesel double deck

174                Stagecoach East London Stagecoach East London       21                  Existing diesel double deck

296                Stagecoach East London Stagecoach East London         6                  Existing diesel single deck

339                Tower Transit                    Tower Transit                           9                  Existing and new diesel single deck

347                Blue Triangle                    Arriva Kent Thameside             1                  New diesel single deck

385                CT Plus                            CT Plus                                   1                  Existing diesel single deck

496                Stagecoach East London Stagecoach East London         8                 Existing diesel double deck

649/650/651  Blue Triangle                     Blue Triangle                            7                 Existing diesel double deck

673                Docklands Buses             Arriva London North                1                  Existing diesel double deck


Contracts will commence on the following dates:


17th October 2015 – Routes 173, 174, 296, 347, 385 and 496 and 673

31st October 2015 – Route 339

2nd January 2016 – Routes 649/650/651

Great Britain Train Changes for Summer 2015 – Summary  0

The National Rail Timetable is changed in May and December each year.

The next timetable change takes effect on 17 May 2015. All the changes detailed below are showing correctly in the Journey Planner.


Please select a Train Operator below for more details on the changes made to the timetable for their services.

Abellio Greater Anglia / Stansted Express

An extra morning and afternoon service will operate in each direction between Norwich and London improving frequency at busy times, through an additional 08:20 and 15:20 Norwich to London service and 11:00 and 18:00 London to Norwich service. These extra trains will operate on Sundays until 27 September.

A new hourly summer Sunday service will be introduced between Norwich and Lowestoft (in each direction) with extra trains running until Sunday 27 September. Currently a two-hourly frequency operates. The extra trains (in addition to the existing two-hourly service) will depart Norwich at: 08:05, 10:05, 12:05, 14:05, 16:05, 18:05 and 20:05. And from Lowestoft at: 08:56, 10:56, 12:56, 14:56, 16:56, 18:56 and 20:56. An extra Sunday service in each direction will also run between these dates on the Lowestoft to Ipswich route over the busy late afternoon / early evening period, departing Lowestoft at 17:05 and Ipswich at 19:07.

In addition to these new Sunday services, the traditional extra summer Saturday services will operate between Norwich and Great Yarmouth on Saturdays from 23 May until 5 September inclusive. The extra trains (in addition to the scheduled hourly Saturday service) will depart Norwich at: 09:06, 09:55, 10:25, 11:20, 12:18, 13:18, 14:18 and 15:18. And from Great Yarmouth at: 09:47, 10:42, 11:14, 11:55, 12:55, 13:55, 14:55 and 15:55.

On Sundays, an additional service (to supplement the scheduled timetable) will also operate between Ipswich and Felixstowe and Ipswich and Peterborough from 17 May until 6 September inclusive. These extra trains will depart Ipswich for Peterborough at 07:55 and Felixstowe at 09:55. An extra service will depart Peterborough for Ipswich at 09:50 and Felixstowe for Ipswich at 10:25. All other Sunday services on the Ipswich to Felixstowe / Peterborough routes will run as per the existing Sunday timetable.

Arriva Trains Wales

Swansea – Shrewsbury – Cambrian Coast-Chester – Birmingham

On the Cambrian line, four additional return services will operate between Aberystwyth and Shrewsbury, Mondays – Saturdays, with hourly services for peak morning and afternoon times, leaving Aberystwyth at 06:30, 08:30, 12:30 and 18:30. & from Shrewsbury at 06:25, 10:29, 18:31 and 20:30

There will also be two new return Sunday services, leaving Aberystwyth at 10:30 and 14:33 and 16:29 and 18:28 from Shrewsbury.

There is also an improvement to evening services on the Cambrian Coast between Barmouth and Pwllheli (Monday to Saturdays). The 18:59 ( Friday only) Machynlleth to Barmouth service has now been extended to run Mondays to Saturdays and will now carry on to Pwllheli calling at Llanaber, Harlech, Porthmadog, Criccieth, Penychain and Abererch only.

On the Heart of Wales line, there will be extra journeys between Llandovery and Gowerton/Swansea and between Llandrindod and Shrewsbury/Crewe offering good morning commuting opportunities on Mondays – Fridays.

In order to implement the additional services, some services have been retimed with some services leaving EARLIER than usual. In particular, the 07:54 Craven Arms / 08:07 Church Stretton to Shrewsbury will now leave at 07:24 and 07:37 respectively in order to deliver the above service frequency enhancements. This morning commuter service will now also terminate at Crewe (calling at Yorton, Wem, Whitchurch, Wrenbury and Nantwich) and will provide convenient connections to Manchester, London and Scotland services.

South Wales – North Wales – Manchester

The one minute earlier departure of the current 05:32 Shrewsbury to Crewe (Monday to Friday) service will link in with the 06:27 Crewe to Manchester service.

The current 14:30 (Sat) Manchester Piccadilly to Milford Haven has been retimed to depart Crewe at 15:09 and the 19:30 (Sat) Manchester Piccadilly to Cardiff Central has been retimed to depart Crewe at 20:09. This is to improve connectivity with Virgin services from Scotland (12:00 Glasgow to London Euston and 16:52 Edinburgh to London Euston respectively).

The 04:49 (Mon-Fri) Crewe to Milford Haven will now depart Swansea at 09:04 ( 3 minutes later) in order to connect with the First Great Western 05:20 Paddington to Swansea service.

The 09:07 (Mon-Fri) Whitland to Fishguard Harbour will now start Swansea at 08:14 and will not stop at Carmarthen. Carmarthen customers wanting to go to Fishguard will now be required to take the 08:43 Carmarthen to Pembroke Dock and change at Whitland.

The 13:30 (Mon-Fri) Manchester Piccadilly to Tenby will call additionally at Llanharan providing an extra commuting option for customers from Cardiff Central at 17:04.

The 20:35 (Sun) Swansea to Carmarthen has been retimed to start at 20:50 to improve operational effectiveness.

The 22:42 (Sat) Cardiff Central to Carmarthen has been retimed to depart Cardiff Central EARLIER at 22:35 and to depart Swansea EARLIER at 00:08 (Sun) in order to connect with the First Great Western from London Paddington to Swansea service.

North Wales – Chester – Crewe – Warrington – Manchester

The 16:06 (Mon-Fri) Llandudno to Manchester Piccadilly has been retimed to start at 16:16

The 16:25 (Mon-Fri) Llandudno Jn to Chester has been retimed to start 7 minutes EARLIER at 16:18.

Valleys and Cardiff local routes (including Ebbw Vale)

The 17:32 Penarth to Rhymney has been retimed to depart Bargoed six minutes EARLIER at 18:38.

Caledonian Sleeper

There are no changes to the timetable


No major changes

Chiltern Railways

No major changes


There are no major changes to the timetable

East Midlands Trains

London Services

The Scarborough summer service will be available on Saturdays to 5 September. The 06:37 London to York service will arrive at Scarborough at 11:08. The return journey will depart Scarborough at 17:03.

Liverpool – Norwich

An additional Sunday services will run until 5 September – the 09:52 Nottingham to Norwich and the 10:49 Sheffield to Norwich. The 12:40 Nottingham to Liverpool will start from Norwich at 09:57

Nottingham – Derby – Matlock

New destinations will be available to Newark Castle, as a result of the majority of weekday Matlock to Nottingham services being extended.

An additional Saturday service will run from Derby to Skegness at 07:53 between 25 July and 5 September. The return journey will depart Skegness at 11:40.

On Sundays until 5 September, the 18:22 Nottingham to Derby service will start at Skegness at 16:22.

There are some slight extensions to journey times from 5 October to account for leaf-fall conditions.

Nottingham – Worksop

On Sundays, the 08:52 Mansfield to Nottingham service will be extended through to Skegness. The 20:25 Nottingham to Mansfield service will start from Skegness at 18:07.

There are some slight extensions to journey times from 5 October to account for leaf-fall conditions.

Derby – Crewe

There are some slight extensions to journey times from 5 October to account for leaf-fall conditions.

Doncaster – Peterborough

There are some changes to arrival and departure times, to enable quicker journey times on the route.

Nottingham – Skegness

The 08:50 Nottingham to Skegness weekday service will depart five minutes earlier from all stations.

An additional Saturday service will operate between 25 July and 5 September, departing Nottingham at 08:24, and returning from Skegness at 11:40.

Leicester – Cleethorpes

There are significant improvements to the weekday timetable between Nottingham, Newark Castle and Lincoln, with additional services, more seats and faster journey times.

Stations along the route will benefit from between 2 and 19 additional services, and many will run through to Matlock via Derby, offering new destinations.

Sunday services to/from Cleethorpes are reintroduced for the summer period, until 6 September.

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First Great Western

To be confirmed

First Hull Trains

There are no changes to the timetable

First TransPennine Express

No major changes

Gatwick Express

To be confirmed

Grand Central

No changes to the timetable

Great Northern

There are no major changes to the timetable

Heathrow Connect

There are no major changes to the timetable

Heathrow Express

There are no major changes to the timetable

Island Line

To be confirmed

London Midland

New stations at Coventry Arena and Bermuda Park

New stations open at Coventry Arena and Bermuda Park on the Coventry-Nuneaton line during the validity of the timetable (expected to be Sunday 21st June). All services between Coventry and Nuneaton call additionally at these new stations thereafter with minor changes to Coventry and Nuneaton departure times from the start of the timetable to accommodate the extended overall journey time.

More trains calling at Hartford

On Mondays to Saturdays, more Liverpool Lime Street – Birmingham New Street services will call at Hartford and Penkridge.

More trains calling at Bletchley

  • Mondays-Fridays 06:14 Birmingham New St-London Euston calls additionally at Bletchley at 07:59
  • Mondays-Saturdays 08:49 London Euston-Birmingham New St calls additionally at Bletchley at 09:24
  • Mondays-Saturdays 09:49 London Euston-Birmingham New St calls additionally at Bletchley at 10:24

Other changes:


  • 17:37 Bedford-Bletchley is retimed 3 minutes later throughout so to afford an improved connection on Mondays-Fridays from London St. Pancras at Bedford.
  • 19:21 Bedford-Bletchley is retimed 2 minutes later throughout to afford an improved connection from Nottingham and Leicester at Bedford.


  • 05:38 Bletchley-London Euston calls additionally at Bushey at 0620.
  • 07:24 London Euston-Milton Keynes Central departs Bletchley 3 minutes later at 0819 to connect from the 0731 Bedford-Bletchley service.
  • 08:31 Bedford-Bletchley is retimed 3 minutes later throughout to afford an improved connection from Nottingham and Leicester at Bedford.
  • 20:13 London Euston-Crewe ceases to call at Stafford, but calls additionally at Stoke on Trent at 2249, and arrives Crewe 5 minutes later at 2309.
  • 06:18 Birmingham International-Liverpool Lime St calls additionally at Coseley at 0647
  • 17:34 Liverpool Lime St-Birmingham New St calls additionally at Winsford at 1809


  • 06:18 Birmingham International-Birmingham New St and 0636 Birmingham New St-Liverpool Lime St combined to run as a through Birmingham International-Liverpool Lime St service calling additionally at Coseley at 0647.
  • 06:45 Worcester Shrub Hill-Great Malvern new service calling at Worcester Foregate St and Malvern Link (with a connection from Gloucester and Cheltenham Spa at Worcester Shrub Hill).
  • 07:35 Worcester Shrub Hill-Birmingham New St is extended to start back from Great Malvern at 0717 so to run Great Malvern-Birmingham New St calling at Malvern Link, Worcester Foregate St and then forward as previous from Worcester Shrub Hill.
  • 07:35 Great Malvern-Whitlocks End starts forward from Worcester Foregate St at 0747 (replaced from Great Malvern by the service above with a connection between trains available at Worcester Foregate St).
  • 22:08 Birmingham New St-Worcester Shrub Hill new service calling at Droitwich Spa at 2234 and arriving Worcester Shrub Hill at 2243. (This offers a later New St-Worcester Shrub Hill service after the current last service on this route at the early time of 2059).
  • 18:19 Whitlocks End-Birmingham Snow Hill starts back from Stratford upon Avon at 1754 so to run Stratford upon Avon-Birmingham Snow Hill calling at Stratford Parkway, Wilmcote, Henley in Arden and forward as previous from Whitlocks End.


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London Overground

From the 31 May, London Overground will start to run services between London Liverpool Street and Enfield Town, Cheshunt and Chingford and also between Romford and Upminster.
More information is available here


No changes to the timetable

Northern Rail

North East

On Mondays to Fridays the 21:10 Middlesbrough to Newcastle is extended through to Hexham, as the 22:35 departure from Newcastle, providing later evening journey connectivity.

On Sundays an increase in service between Sunderland and Middlesbrough will see an hourly frequency introduced between Newcastle and Middlesbrough. In addition to improving local line of route journey opportunity this will provide improved connectivity at Thornaby to/from the TPE network.


The Leeds Northwest electric service between Leeds, Ilkley, Bradford and Skipton is rewritten in readiness for the new stations being built at Kirkstall Forge and Apperley Bridge, which are due to open later in the year. This includes one additional SX service at 0832 Leeds to Bradford FS.

Some minor retiming of services on the Leeds – Harrogate – York route, to present a more punctual service throughout the route.

Some minor retiming of services on the Hull – Bridlington – Scarborough route, to present a more punctual service throughout the route.


There will be major timetable changes on the Cumbrian Coast route between Carlisle, Barrow and Lancaster.

Northern Rail will be introducing two locomotive hauled trains on the route. The locomotive hauled trains will take longer to complete the journey than the normal trains, so there are major timetable revisions. Some services will depart earlier than now and/or arrive at destinations later than now.

On Mondays to Fridays, the following specific alterations will take place:

  • The 05:19 Preston to Carlisle will be split at Barrow. Through passengers will need to change trains, but connections will be available.
  • The 10:02 Morecambe to Carlisle will be amended to start from Preston at 1004 (a separate train will run between Morecambe and Lancaster), and will be split at Barrow. Through passengers will need to change trains there, but connections will be available.
  • There will be a new 1830 Barrow to Workington, providing a later last service north of Millom, and replacing the current 1805 Barrow to Millom.
  • The 2120 Lancaster to Barrow will start from Preston at 2109.
  • The 1108 and 2113 Preston to Morecambe services will now start from Lancaster.
  • The 0559 Maryport to Preston will start from Carlisle at 0515 and the 0622 Whitehaven to Barrow will start from Maryport at 0646, providing new journey opportunities for commuters to Sellafield.
  • The 1512 Carlisle to Preston will be split at Barrow. Through passengers will need to change trains, but connections will be available.

On Saturdays, the following specific alterations will take place:

  • The 11:26 Barrow to Whitehaven and 12:54 Whitehaven to Carlisle will be combined into a through train, at 11:38 from Barrow to Carlisle.
  • The 05:59 Maryport to Preston will start from Carlisle at 05:15, and will be split at Barrow. Through passengers will need to change trains but connections will be available.
  • The 11:38 Carlisle to Whitehaven and 12:54 Whitehaven to Lancaster will be combined into a through train, at 11:56 from Carlisle to Lancaster.
  • There will also be changes to which services call at Nethertown and Braystones on both Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays, as well as the general retimings, so customers need to check
  • journeys carefully before travelling.

Manchester – Todmorden – Burnley – Blackburn

New through services will be introduced between Manchester Victoria and Blackburn via Burnley, over the newly reopened Todmorden Curve.

An hourly service will operate seven days a week, generally by extending those services which currently terminate or start at Todmorden, but some services will be entirely additional.

Journey times between Manchester and Burnley will be approximately 50 minutes (slightly longer for some journeys).

Trains will run as follows:

From Manchester to Burnley and Blackburn:

  • Mondays to Fridays at 05:50 and broadly hourly until 21:01, then 22:50.
  • Saturdays at 06:56 and broadly hourly until 23:01.
  • Sundays at 08:40 and broadly hourly until 20:40, then 21:50.

From Blackburn to Burnley and Manchester:

  • Mondays to Fridays at 06:15 and broadly hourly until 20:20, then 21:36 and 22:36.
  • Saturdays at 07:19 and broadly hourly until 20:20, then 21:37 and 22:36.
  • Sundays at 08:18 and broadly hourly until 20:18, then 21:28 and 22:08.

North West Electrification

Additional four carriage electric trains will be introduced on the newly electrified routes in the north west, with ten trains in service each day. Most services between Liverpool and Manchester Airport, between Liverpool and Manchester Victoria and between Liverpool and Wigan North Western will be operated by class 319s.

The timetable is unchanged, except that on Mondays to Fridays the 1800 Liverpool to Blackpool North will terminate at Preston, with alternative connections available to Blackpool.


From the beginning of the timetable, four routes will see enhancements to train services at weekends:

  • New Sunday service between Glasgow Central and Paisley Canal
  • New Sunday service between Edinburgh and Newcraighall
  • Trains calling at Duke St, Alexandra Parade and Barnhill on Sundays
  • An additional early morning Saturday service in both directions between Glasgow Queen Street and Oban

There are also two significant events that occur during the course of the timetable:

  • For six weeks from Saturday 13th June, Winchburgh Tunnel (on the main line between Glasgow Queen St and Edinburgh via Falkirk High) will close as part of the project to enhance and electrify this route.
  • The new line between Edinburgh/Newcraighall and Tweedbank is planned to open for passenger service on Sunday 6th September


Major changes include:

  • A minimum of four trains an hour on all Metro routes out of London Charing Cross and London Cannon Street between Monday and Saturday
  • Additional evening services from London Cannon Street – Orpington and Orpington – London Cannon Street between Monday and Saturday
  • Additional evening services from London Charing Cross to Hayes between Monday and Saturday
  • Additional evening service from Slade Green to London Cannon Street via Greenwich on Saturdays
  • Additional evening services from London Cannon Street to Dartford via Sidcup on Saturdays
  • Most Saturday Metro services to and from London Cannon Street and London Charing Cross on Saturdays to be formed of at least eight carriagesAdditional stops at Bromley South on some evening services from Blackfriars to Dover between Monday and Friday
  • Additional services at 00:04 and 00:34 between Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • London Charing Cross – Hastings services to be formed of eight carriages all day on Sundays
  • Trains serving the Kent coast at weekends between 17 May and 6 September extended to eight or twelve carriages to cater for the increase in summer traffic.

More information is available from the the Southeastern website

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South West Trains

To be confirmed


Southern recently made changes to the morning and evening peak timetable to help improve the reliability of train services. These changes continue into the May timetable. Details of all the recent changes can are here.


No major changes to the timetable

Virgin Trains

To be confirmed

Virgin Trains East Coast

To be confirmed

TfL Tender Update 22nd May 2014  0

Tendering Programme Update


22nd May 2014 


Please note that routes 5, 15/N15, 17, 50, 66, 115, 130, 143, 194, 243/N243, 250/N250, 255, 260, 302, 320, 382, 384, 410, C1, C11, R68, R70 and W8 have had two-year contract extensions agreed and will no longer form part of the 2015/2016 tendering programme.


The Tendering Programme is therefore revised as follows:


Tranche Routes
482 Tranche cancelled
483 Tranche cancelled
484 285/N285
485 326, 383
486 Tranche cancelled
487 116, A10
488 Tranche cancelled
489 119/N119, 202, 246, 352, 354, 358
490 198, 264/N264, 312, 405
491 248



National Rail Changes for Summer 2014  0

‘What’s New?
Greater Anglia
 Introduction of a new additional hourly off peak service between Cambridge andStansted Airport on
Mondays to Fridays.
 Summer Sunday services between Norwich and Sheringham will now operate all year round.
Scotrail – SR
The Glasgow-Oban service is doubled to six trains each way daily in summer. Dalmuir-Springburn trains are
extended to and from Cumbernauld, which gains peak-hour through trains via Hamilton and Glasgow Central
Low Level. Through trains are introduced between Edinburgh and Ayr, which also gains a fourth train each
hour on Mondays-Fridays to and from Glasgow. There’s a fourth train each way every hour Mondays-Saturdays
between Glasgow and Gourock and four additional trains each way on Sundays between Glasgow and
South West Trains – SWT
Two additional trains will be introduced on Mondays to Fridays in the morning peak from Raynes Park to
Waterloo to relieve passenger loadings on other services.
The new station at CRANBROOK (Devon), between Whimple and Pinhoe is likely to open at some stage during
this timetable. Details of trains stopping at thisstation will be advertised locally and on the website at
Station News
Table 224 & 226:
Table 224 is now dormant as all services are now covered in Table 226.
Table 78A:
Table 78A is a new table to show the northbound weekly service ‘’Friday Only – Stockport – Reddish South –
Denton and Stalybridge’’. This service consists of one train a week northbound only.
West Coast Main Line: The West Coast Main Line will be closed at Watford Junction between these dates:
25/12/14-29/12/14, 14/02/15 – 22/02/15 and 03/04/15 – 06/04/15. The alternative travel arrangements have yet
to be published.Further details can be found on the Network Rail website:

Advantix Traveller Rail Fares free download  0

NFM18 (May 2014 railway fares data) is not on sale from TSO any longer. I have found out it can now be downloaded at (once signed up after 5-10 mins and your email verification) free of charge – this is new and a replacement for the CD’s from NFM18 i.e. May 2014.

First in Essex – three sets of changes from Sunday 20th April 2014  0

Changes to the Mid Essex area

Sunday 20 April 2014

Following on from customer feedback and a review of our Mid Essex network, the following service changes will take place week commencing 20th April 2014


41 Chelmsford to Galleywood

The 0908 Galleywood to Chelmsford journey will be amended to depart at 0903 on non schooldays as well as schooldays.

47 Chelmsford to Broomfield Hospital

Following customer feedback, the 1658 Broomfield Hospital to Chelmsford journey will instead depart at 1715 and operate 17 minutes later throughout. The 1755 & 1910 Chelmsford to Beaulieu Park and 1827 & 1942 Beaulieu Park to Chelmsford journeys will depart later, at 1805 & 1915 and 1837 & 1947 respectively.


Changes to the North Essex area

Sunday 20 April 2014

Following on from customer feedback and detailed review of our North Essex network, the following service changes will be in place week commencing 20 April 2014.

Colchester, Tiptree and Maldon:

61C Colchester to University circular

The current Friday and Saturday late evening/night journeys will be withdrawn and replaced by a similar level of service on route 62A.

62-62A Colchester North Stn to Wivenhoe

Additional Friday and Saturday late evening/night journeys to replace the existing service 61C trips.

75-75A University of Essex to Maldon via Colchester

There will be an improved Monday to Friday service with most service 75A journeys which currently start or finish at Tiptree instead extended to and from Maldon, offering a half hourly service for most of the main part of the day. An additional morning schoolday only journey will operate between Tiptree and Colchester at 0738, timed three minutes ahead of the existing journey from Maldon due at Tiptree at 0741.

88 Colchester to Halstead

Early morning and mid evening journeys to operate via Aldham Village.



Changes to the South Essex area

Sunday 20 April 2014

Following on from customer feedback and detailed analysis of our South Essex network, the following service changes will be in place week commencing 20th April 2014.

Southend, Castle Point and Rayleigh:

20 Southend to Hullbridge

The schooldays only journey at 1538 from Bournes Green will instead start at Southend Travel Centre at 1555.

21-21A Southend to Canvey Newlands

These services will be re-routed in Leigh via Hadleigh Road instead of Thames Drive and Leigh Station in place of service 26, which will serve Leigh Station instead. There will be a revised early morning and mid evening timetable, with more journeys either starting from, or continuing to Canvey Newlands, instead of turning short at the Haystack in the town centre. The Sunday service will be unchanged and still serve Leigh Station, as the 26 does not operate on this day. The evening service 21B and Monday to Friday only 21C, 21X and 822 journeys are unchanged.

22 Basildon to Canvey Leigh Beck

On Mondays to Fridays, the 1935 Canvey to Basildon will operate 6 minutes later at 1941.

23-23A-23B Southchurch local service

These services are withdrawn in their current format, and replaced by an extension of service 27 between Southend and Temple Sutton via Woodgrange Drive, Lifstan Way and Hamstel Road. A revised service 23 will continue to operate on Mondays to Fridays only, between Southend and Hamstel Road via Southchurch Road, up to every 30 minutes between 0900 and 1500

24-24A Southend to Southchurch

The Sunday service 24 will be re-routed along full length of Newington Avenue instead of via Archer Avenue. There are no changes to service 24A, nor to any of the Monday to Saturday bus times.

25-25A Southend to Basildon via Wickford

We are introducing a revised and enhanced Monday to Saturday timetable with most service 25A journeys which currently terminate at Rayleigh, instead extended from or to Basildon. Between Wickford and Basildon, these extended trips will replace the current journeys provided by service 15A, to maintain the current 10 minute Wickford to Basildon service frequency, and the 5 minute Grimston Road/Whitmore Way to Basildon service frequency with service 5. This results in the through Southend to Basildon via Wickford service becoming every 15 minutes, representing a doubling of the service between Rayleigh, Little Wheatleys, Shotgate and Wickford. The schooldays afternoon service 25B journey will be revised to leave Hadleigh at 1612, offering a more suitably timed journey for students at Seevic College.

26 Southend to Hadleigh Depot

Most journeys which currently terminate at Leigh Church or start from Leigh Rectory Grove will be extended to or from Hadleigh Depot. The service will be re-routed via Thames Drive and Leigh Station instead of Hadleigh Road which will instead be served by services 21 and 21A. The service will also be introduced on Saturdays, operating up to every 30 minutes during the main part of the day.

27 Southend to Canvey Leigh Beck

On Mondays to Saturdays, the service will be extended beyond Southend through to Temple Sutton via Woodgrange Drive, Lifstan Way and Hamstel Road, replacing the current services 23/23A/23B along this section of route. Buses will extend over this additional section of route up to every 15 minutes on Mondays to Fridays and up to every 30 minutes on Saturdays. There will also be some minor revisions to the intermediate running times. Two additional early morning journeys will be introduced between Hadleigh and Canvey via Benfleet Station, departing Hadleigh at 0544 and 0559 on Monday to Friday, and 0618 and 0648 on Saturdays. There are no changes to services 27A, 27X and 827.

28 Southend to Basildon

On Mondays to Fridays the 0728 and 0743 Hadleigh to Basildon will instead start at Southend at 0659 and 0706. There will also be some minor revisions to the running time.

Services 27 and 28 continue to form a combined 7 to 8 minute frequency service along A13 London Road between Southend and Hadleigh junction during the main part of the day.

Basildon & Wickford:

8-8A Pitsea to Laindon via Basildon

An improved Sunday daytime service will be introduced, with services 8 and 8A each running every 40 minutes, combining to provide a bus every 20 minutes on the common section of route between Long Riding, Basildon and Laindon centre. Services 8 and 8A will also call at Laindon Station during Sunday daytimes, as per the Monday to Saturday service. The daily evening service is unchanged.

15A Wickford to Basildon

After the morning peak period, service 15A will operate between Langdon Hills and Basildon Bus Station only, generally every 20 minutes during the main part of the day. Between Basildon and Wickford, the service 15A journeys are replaced by new service 25A journeys between Basildon and Southend, maintaining the 10 minute frequency between Basildon and Wickford. Services 15 and 15B are unchanged.

25-25A Southend to Basildon via Wickford

We are introducing a revised and enhanced Monday to Saturday timetable with most service 25A journeys which currently terminate at Rayleigh, instead extended from or to Basildon. Between Wickford and Basildon, these extended trips will replace the current journeys provided by service 15A, to maintain the current 10 minute Wickford to Basildon service frequency, and the 5 minute Grimston Road/Whitmore Way to Basildon service frequency with service 5. This results in the through Southend to Basildon via Wickford service becoming every 15 minutes, representing a doubling of the service between Rayleigh, Little Wheatleys, Shotgate and Wickford. The schooldays afternoon service 25B journey will be revised to leave Hadleigh at 1612, offering a more suitably timed journey for students at Seevic College.

28 Southend to Basildon

On Mondays to Fridays the 0728 and 0743 Hadleigh to Basildon will instead start at Southend at 0659 and 0706. There will also be some minor revisions to the running time.

100 Chelmsford to Lakeside via Basildon and Grays

There will be a minor revision to the Sunday and Public Holiday timetable ” the 0829 journey from Stanford-Le-Hope to Chelmsford will start from Grays at 0810. This journey will call at Stanford-Le-Hope station at 0828 and the times from Corringham towards Chelmsford are unchanged.

201 Basildon to Lakeside via Stanford-Le-Hope, Orsett, Stifford Clays & Grays

First will be providing the Sunday and Public Holiday service, under contract to Thurrock Council. There is a minor revision to the timetable ” the 0734 Grays to Basildon journey will no longer operate and is partly replaced by a new journey on service 100 at 0810 from Grays. There is an additional journey at 1925 from Lakeside to Basildon.

200 Basildon to Grays

Following customer feedback, the 0628 Monday to Friday journey from Grays to Basildon will instead depart at 0625 and operate three minutes earlier throughout.

300 Basildon to London Gateway Port

A brand new Saturday and Sunday service will be introduced, to compliment the existing weekday service, with five round trips per day between Basildon and the London Gateway Port.

Timetables will be available in early April.


Crossrail trains to reach Reading  0

Crossrail trains to reach Reading

27 Mar 2014

UK: Transport for London and the Department for Transport announced on March 27 that the western branch of the Crossrail route is to be extended from Maidenhead to Reading.

Project sponsors TfL and DfT had previously envisaged that those Crossrail services continuing west from the deep-level platforms at London Paddington onto the existing Relief lines of the Great Western Main Line would terminate at Heathrow Airport, West Drayton or Maidenhead. Infrastructure manager Network Rail had done some preparatory works at Maidenhead for the construction of the necessary turnback sidings, but NR’s ongoing electrification and resignalling of the GWML has removed one of the major obstacles to extending some services to Twyford and Reading.

The revised service pattern envisages two Crossrail trains per hour serving Reading and four serving Maidenhead from December 2019. The first Crossrail-branded services are due to begin running over existing tracks between London Liverpool Street and Shenfield in May 2017, with the east-west tunnel between Paddington and Liverpool Street opening in December 2018.

‘Extending Crossrail to Reading will provide passengers with more journey options and will create better connections and direct services between Reading, Twyford and destinations across London without the need to interchange at Paddington’, explained Mike Brown, Managing Director for London Rail at Transport for London.

“Offline” Rail Journey Planner for UK and Europe (with an English version too!)  0

“Offline” Rail Journey Planner for UK and Europe (with an English version too!)

Found this while looking for timetables on the DB website!

There are a number of modes, including one for English. This information can include internal services – I used the English version with the full option to check times of trains from WGC to SVG on Sunday, and the information (rail replacements) was correct and up to date.

London buses to go cashless from mid 2014  0

London buses to go cashless from mid 2014

03 February 2014

Transport for London (TfL) has today announced that it is to stop accepting cash fares on London buses from summer this year.

Cash fares make up one per cent of bus journeys – down from around 25 per cent a decade ago.

Since launching on the bus network in December 2012, over 8 million journeys have now been made using a contactless payment card.

With the acceptance of contactless payment cards to be extended to London Underground and London Rail services from later this year, the use of cash is expected to continue to fall.

A recent public consultation, which sought customers’ views on proposals to withdraw cash fare payments, attracted over 37,000 responses.

Around a third of respondents agreed with the proposal to remove cash fares.

Around three quarters of responses to the consultation came from people who indicated that they do not themselves pay cash fares on the bus.

We have taken into account all of the views expressed in consultation responses and have used these to shape a range of measures that will ensure a smooth transition to the new arrangements.

These measures include:

  • Introducing a new ‘one more journey’ feature on Oyster that will allow passengers with less than the single bus fare (currently £1.45) but who have a positive balance on their card to make one more bus journey before they have to add credit to their card
  • A review of the Oyster Ticket Stop network to see if additional locations can be identified, particularly in outer London
  • Refreshed guidance for all 24,500 London bus drivers to ensure a consistent approach is taken when dealing with vulnerable passengers
  • A public information campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of contactless payment cards and Oyster pay as you go, which offer a single bus fare for 95p less than the current cash fare

This change will not affect 99 per cent of bus passengers who already pay for their journeys using Oyster, prepaid tickets, contactless payment cards or concessionary tickets.

The latter group represents a third of passengers and includes children and young people, older and disabled people and the unemployed.

Our research shows this change is also unlikely to affect tourists as the vast majority use a prepaid ticket, such as Oyster, to get around the capital.

Leon Daniels, Managing Director for TfL Surface Transport said:

‘The decision to stop accepting cash fares on London buses reflects the changing way that people pay for goods and services in our city, including journeys on the bus network.

‘We are introducing a range of measures, including a new ‘one more journey’  feature on Oyster cards, which will ensure that people can still make a journey and then top up their card when they don’t have the full fare.

‘Paying with Oyster or a contactless payment card is not only the cheapest option, but also speeds up boarding times at bus stops and reduces delays.

It costs £24 million a year to accept cash on London’s buses and by removing this option we will generate significant savings which, like all of our income, will be reinvested in improvements to the transport network.’